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Project Triton is a cryptocurrency that is changing the eSports and online streaming industries with blockchain technology. Neptune: Project Neptune is a streamer donation application that allows viewers to donate through a simple app. Neptune protects the streamer from chargebacks, decreases donation fee’s by 25% and is extremely simple to use for streamers and viewers. Neptune Mining: Neptune Mining is an online streaming application that allows you to easily increase your income. Viewers of your stream can easily CPU mine to the streamer through the click of a button without causing any noticeable effects on the performance or wear-and-tear. All functions are integrated into a browser extension.

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  2. https://xtri.network/2018/11/29/why-this-cyptocurrency-project-has-been-extremely-overlooked-project-triton/
  3. https://medium.com/@projecttriton/project-triton-stream-giveaway-with-neptune-beta-launch-triton-tuesday-11-21-2018-61eb79271090
  4. Here is the overview of how Neptune and Neptune Mining works
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