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Whether it's the first installment or the sequel; whether you play it on Playstation, Xbox, or PC; No matter if you're a Titan, Hunter, or Warlock; Veteran to the series or newcomer; all are welcome here to find Destiny streams, updates and fellow players!

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  2. With Season 2 fast approaching, I thought I would take this time to show off some some previews of the new armor sets we will be getting soon. Here we have the armor for "The Dawning" and Season 2 of "Iron Banner". Plus we'll be getting a lot more gear and weapons throughout the whole thing of course. So keep up that grind and good luck out there Guardians.
  3. So today, Bungie had a panel at Twitch Con 2017 revealing some upcoming events. First of all, they said that their are 4 "seasons" planned for Destiny 2 in Year One. Major content updates are most likely going to be released at the start of a new season. Sandbox updates and in world tuning will continue all throughout the year. Season 2 is going to have "The Dawning" event. Social spaces will have little things such as ice hockey and snowball fights that you can have with other players (along the lines of soccer in The Farm). There are big plans for coming up Iron Banners as well. Season 2 of Iron Banner will include items such as gear ornaments, new weapons, and perks. It also appears that you will be able to use tokens and shards to buy specific gear and weapons from Saladin. This also holds true for Trials of the Nine in Season 2. There will be an event called Clarion Call that will take place before the end of Season 1. It seems like an event that is pretty much a way to help finish any last minute activities before Season 2. Double experience will be rewarded for running it with a clan mate. Bright engrams will feature new emotes, gear, ghosts, ships, sparrows, and all the other usual items found inside of Bright Engrams. And there will be another Faction Rally with new rewards as well. Those seem to be pretty much all the highlights of the panel. Hopefully I did not miss anything. So plenty to look forward to in the world of "Destiny 2" in the future. Keep up the fight Guardians. See you around.
  4. Saw this online yesterday and thought it was a really awesome mask. I wish I had the skills to make cool masks like this. Oh the possibilities it would open up to me...
  5. This is it! Only a few more hours of the first Iron Banner! Time to really grind for that gear you've been wanting the whole time to complete that set (*cough cough* Warlock Helmet *cough cough*). So get to it guardians before time runs out.
  6. PC,Xbox,Ps4 To create teams to compete and ranking up gear and level/power level's leave your names below with console
  7. Some of you might have already seen this, but I thought it was worth sharing.
  8. So Bungie released some images showing off the new Iron Banner armor and HOLY CRAP it looks good! Personally, I gotta have that Warlock gear. An awesome samurai theme is just too perfect for me. What does everyone think?
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