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A group of people dedicated to all things indie gaming, small games can be exciting and new discovering and we are here to collect recommendations! Run by CFN, find us a cfngaming.com or discord.gg/cfn MESSAGE CHOCOLATIER GAMES FOR INQUIRIES ON SELF PROMOTION.

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  2. Like the title says, I'm loving Wings of Vi, currently streaming and "let's playing" it. Next year the same group will be putting out a new indie game called "Roah". I'll put a little video about it here if that's okay
  3. Hey guys! I am going to start doing weekly free game recommendation posts usually from something like itch.io an indie game storefront. Today's recommendation is MangoMan, a Megaman like 2d action platformer with adorable visuals. It's definetly short but worth a go and totally free! Give it a try here or follow the link https://josephgribbin.itch.io/mangoman Mango Man has very tight controls and a quality difficulty curve. I never felt too frustrated during my play. The character is memorable and in an era of forgettable indie platformers, is quite good!
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