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  1. Burnz!

    Thank you for the follow, but I could've sworn we have followed each other before.

    oh well, maybe similar names!  Hope to catch you live!  Best regards!

  2. Thanks For The Follows

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  3. good morning to all its steamy here today hard to breath with this weather

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  4. thanks for the follow


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  5. Thank you for the followww!!

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  6. hello to all its reset day on destiny was to do on there today streaming in a little while on mixer


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  7. Thanks for following me! :)

  8. Hey Burnzinator, thanks for the Follow! You rawk! - JP

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  9. good morning to all its going to b e a loopy day for me giving blood today i recommend all who can donate too... u can save 3 lives every time you do have a great day to everyone

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  10. Thanks for the follow 😀

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  11. Thx u for following me on CGN, it mean a lot to me, I appreciate it a lot and I follow u [email protected]

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  12. was a happening a everyone

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  13. Thank you for the follow i look forward to meeting you.:D

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  14. Thank you for the follow @burnzinator, and hope to see you around soon! Have a great Sunday!

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  15. thank you for the follow @burnzinator

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