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  1. Actually I'm a huge fan of her. However, to be honest, I didn't know that she's a makeup artist. Although, I really like her Serendeppity lip gloss line. They have a rich and creamy consistency and are not sticky at all. I wish she could also design some mink lashes, because most of them are not comfortable to wear. Anyway, minks are the best for achieving a natural look because they are very thin and delicate. Besides, the eyelash master should also work very carefully when applying them, so the lash extension work is not that simple.
  2. Wow! I never knew that a database full of such companies existed. I just checked the shop close to me, and it has the worst invoice history ever.
  3. Well it really depends on what mindset you enter the market with and who shaped it for you in the first place. If you approach it with too much enthusiasm and overconfidence it will definitely punish you as it devours retail traders all day. In fact retail traders are the ones making money for the big sharks, and they do it by not respecting their role in the whole concept. If you are one of those risky traders who think this is gambling then I would suggest you to avoid it by all means. If you are willing to follow a strategy that can gain you steady profits then a great is Investous as you can get great spreads with them and the fastest payments possible.
  4. Thanks for sharing. I was looking for something cheap and effective to deal with my erection issues as age seems to be taking its toll on me day by day! I know so many so-called miracle products out there that don't work and are a total waste of money. The market is full of them, and they can be quite dangerous for your health rather than beneficial. That's why I started relying on natural stimulants that our nature provides and kratom for sale is the only way I have seen my erection improve in no time and with zero side effects.
  5. I first played The Sims 4 years ago, when it was first ported over to PS4. I played it for a few weeks and then moved onto other things, having seen it all before – or so I thought. Having spent countless hours on the original The Sims way back when, I was impressed with the evolution, but beyond that I just wanted to get back to the nearest shooter or dungeon crawler. Lately I've been playing Lucktastic, after I've found out how to win money just by playing some simple games, that won't take you a lot of time, but it will give you some money. So basically is a virtual scratch-off ticket you can play every day.
  6. That is right, I have a friend, and he is getting a lot of notifications about this, and all discounts. He booked a lot of games on discount, and it is not so expensive to have all of them. Most of the time the DLC are for free as they told me, there are and games, amazing one, recently I took Metro 2033 for free. I played it some time, but never was looking to take it. Also, some time ago I took rocket league for free, an amazing multiplayer game. It was for free, but now I found that it is possible to buy rocket league items, and I have booked some of them already, this is a kind of modification for the game, and in my opinion it is worth to have it.
  7. I learned poker when I was at school from boring lessons and started playing with my classmates on a phone app. Then watched some Youtube tutorials and with a little bit of practice, I started to make my own strategies and wanted to learn how to read the opponent signs when playing in real. Now with all this Covid thinks poker became a time killer the only problem is that the gamstop doesn't know its quarantine now. But thanks to these guys https://www.pick7.bet/betting-sites-not-on-gamstop I am playing with no problems.
  8. Where to begin.The way online searches have made our business survival a must-have tool there is no doubt that it's of paramount importance! On the other hand is it really fair for some low scale companies to be at the bottom of your search if they really deserve to be on top? I'm just stating as an observation due to the fact that so many times we tend to miss great opportunities on the internet such as side hustle opportunities to generate extra cash doing ridiculously easy tasks such as taking surveys or playing games on your phone and making a really nice extra income!
  9. Welcome to CGN.US. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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