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  1. We are live if you want to come through ... Dead By Daylight www.mixer.com/br08dway_bpg


  2. Looks like we get to play after all ... Gears 5 Test it is! 😃 

  3. Hummmmppppp Ddddaaayyyyy ... get out and PLAY!😍😘🙂

  4. Teams of 3 people...☻😈🙈🙉🙊
    If you love State of Decay ..... Undead Trials 4 Registration is OPEN

    Make sure to read all the details, find your team, make an enclave name and register by 20th July

    Rules on competition will be released on the discord later this week 

  5. And just like that....we're back 😉🙂yay!

    1. TakenVaullt


      Little late to say this, I know (couldn't view the site as it was unreachable for !e), but man am I glad to.see CGN back up


      Welcome back CGN

    2. Br08dway


      I feel the same way


  6. Thank you all for tuning in while we tried to stay alive in the Heartland....lost a main character tonight...but I'll do better tomorrow ? Night everyone! HTTPS://www.mixer.com/br08dway_bpg

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      I could not be there this time but next time I will try to be! 

  7. Well let's try this again... if you are a follower and want to play .. come through ? www.mixer.com/br08dway_bpg #LSG #CGN #watchmixer 

  8. I hope you are enjoying the platform Kween!  Thank you for giving us a chance! Let me know if you need anything

  9. Hope your streams are going well and you are enjoying the platform @iAktiniumTTV!

    1. iAktiniumTTV


      I am thx so much 

  10. I hope you are enjoying CGN!  ? Thank you for setting up your profile!

  11. Hope everyone has been having a GREAT most excellent day!!! 


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      I AM NOWWWW! 

  12. Thank you everyone for chilling chatting and playing today!  It has been great!  Have a good night -- GameFrame will be live again tomorrow evening !  For now check out the content from my stream team family BPG in Gang Beasts! #CGN #LSG #Mixer #gamergirl

  13. LIVE now on Dauntless, Paladins, Black Ops ... i dunno ... let's see what happens.  But we are live  for some Follow Play!  If you have any of the games we are playing and follow the stream we can get a few rounds in!  www.mixer.com/br08dway_bpg  #CGN #MIXER #LSG #mixerretweets

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Sorry I missed the stream! Still a working sick boi!! 

  14. We are live on a bit of Realm Royale ... chicken chasin at it's finest. #LSG #BPG #CGN #WatchMixer 

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Realm Royal is paladins righT? 

  15. Living your best life doesn't mean hurting others...it takes nothing to be kind. We don't know how much our actions may mean to a person at that moment. Lets look past ourselves today and be purposefully kind to someone my fellow watchers & streamers.??? K #CGN #Mixer #LSG

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