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  1. head's not feeling well today. might be a mix of allergies, lack of food, and sleep deprivation (fucking somehow.)  i can fix two of those but i can't fucking handle these allergies they keep getting worse. even as i type this i can feel them going up and down in severity like my body can't decide how it wants to be and i'm sufferin for it. on a more heartwarming note draggy is worried about me. he thinks i can't tell and he's tryin to hide it from me but he's worried cause he cares too much. that kinda thing makes you sloppy when you let it consume you like he does. i'll be fine i always am, i've dealt with 9 times better and 9 times worse than this shit and nature's gonna have to try 9 times harder to put me in a grave. still i think i'll have a nice long nap. then maybe we'll give draggy a run on sniper elite as a little thank you present. we'll see how things go as usual.


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