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  1. After Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving. THE EXACT FUCKING DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. prepare yourself. For the end of a slumber. And some blunt. Southern. Anger. 

  2. I'm gonna hold off on streaming till I can get back to my uncle's for Thanksgiving. I'll probably chat hop more when I'm not in and out of constant doctor visits (I'm fine I just have a shitload of various healthcare visits stacked one after the other for some reason.) And I still got destiny 2 shit to do. But I've got a channel feature saved so I'm gonna hang on to it and when I get my cam and my good mic back I'm gonna come back swinging full force.

  3. hey. hey guess what? i'm a FUCKING DUMBASS AND I LEFT MY WEBCAM AND MY GOOD HEADSET AT MY UNCLE'S HOUSE! F*******************************CK!

  4. today was a good day. got a visit from @zheckin my morning stream and a gift of 8 thou orbs (which i've used to secure a feature spot for an undisclosed date.) and i got to scare the shit outta people without it raining till we put the stuff away. today was a GOOD day.

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Hey bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    2. zheck


      Bing Bong Bing

  5. onesies, and candy, and coins, OH MY! just popped outta bed and i got the house to myself so you know what WE STREAMIN let's get dis chocolate bois. time for some destiny 2 grinding.

    1. Bluntsouthernanger



      Welcome to Mixer, the next generation in live streaming.


  6. that was fun. though i have now officially confirmed i may one day wear a onesie live on stream. when will i do it? i suppose you'll have to tune in to find out eh fucker? owo

  7. SPOOKY HYPE! i'm going live streaming destiny 2 haunted forest! random bounties terrors and more! might even go planet to planet for some normal grind if the mood hits! join me friends! LET THE WILD RUMPUS START! 



    Welcome to Mixer, the next generation in live streaming.


  8. had to take a break today. probably tomorrow too. turns out  what i've got is a NASTY cold.good news is i'm at the ass end of it. bad news is tomorrow's halloween and i'm gonna be struck in a fucking mask all night coughing up god knows what. hopefully i'll be fully well by tomorrow and i can do that and a halloween stream. destiny 2 haunted forest on xbox anybody?

  9. hope to see you live soon new blood.

  10. i'm camped in the chat of a twitter acquaintance today. she's a nice girl and a furry. you fuck with her about that and i'll hang you with your own nuts we clear? i won't have people harassing noone over my recommending them. name's casey and she's most definitely good people. 

  11. is it possible to be a notable chat hopper? i'm asking this at the risk of sounding like all i'm doing is chasing glory but i find the idea of someone getting super excited at the prospect someone just happened to pop a squat in their chat and the excitement is because they're a FAMOUS CHAT HOPPER. i'm sorry you can call me an attention whore for asking but i wanna know cause if so i wanna make it my mission to be that thing so every time i join someone's chat and they flip out i can laugh about it. well now i don't sound like an attention whore i sound like a bad person. they really shouldn't let me have social media.

  12. i was NOT feeling it last night. i don't know what it is with me and streaming but i just can't seem to get it to feel right. i know i'm having fun, i know i'm happy with what i'm doing, i know if i just keep at it SOMETHING'S gotta come of it eventually. but for some reason i just never seem to feel satisfied with how my streams go. it's not the view count i figured that out. i think it's because my chat is so fucking quiet. like having no viewers is one thing but that feeling of loneliness is something i thought i'd become more equipped to deal with but i'm not. it wouldn't be so bad if i didn't have my chat window on screen constantly reminding me "man not only is noone watching you but you're so boring noone even wants to talk to your ass." and I KNOW that's not true but my brain doesn't! least that's my explanation for why i keep going back time and time again. I LOVE STREAMING. I DON'T THINK MY HYPER SIMPLISTIC EMOTIONS LOVE STREAMING. my natural solution would be to have my chat on the side but since i get so immersed i NEED my chat front and center so i can know when i get a follow or a chat message. it's a very unpleasant loop but luckily i might have a way to break it. unfortunately it'd require several mixer streamers with xboxes or windows PCs, for all of said streamers to own the same game, and for all of us to be able to agree on a time. if i can SOMEHOW get all this shit to work i can not only give myself a much needed morale boost but a few others aswell. all it'll take is lots of excruciating social interaction, maybe a few purchases on my part, and a few trustworthy fellow streamers who can work a schedule. i will refine this idea further and comment upon such developments. thank you for your time.


    1. didiustv


      When I first started streaming I probably spent a thousand or more hours with no chat, just the occasional passer by. The process is very slow.


      By the numbers as I understand it Mixer is a harder platform then Twitch just for the fact that the streamer to viewer ratio is not in your favor. What I mean by that is there is more viewers per streamer on Twitch. Competition is even more fierce on Mixer and it is already so hard on Twitch. Streaming on Twitch is no instant chat engagement though. Still could be thousands of hours. Although this differs with everyone. It took me around 14 months of streaming to grow a somewhat active chat and that is only cause I fell into a game that had few streamers but a lot of viewers. 

    2. Bluntsouthernanger


      @didiustvthat and you're a very interactive streamer. it helps because that feeling can go both ways if the streamer doesn't interact with chat that often.

  13. fuck it i'm streaming. tonight we begin the saga of fallout new vegas and the road to buying the DLC.

    1. Legit_Dinosaur



  14. stream, play outer worlds, stream, play outer worlds, stream, play outer worlds. why must life be so full of choices.

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