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  1. I was so zoinked out of my fucking mind trying to get work done i just spent four hours on a clip of an azure rathalos thinking it was a rathian. Fucking shoot me in the face.

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    1. Legit_Dinosaur



  2. i'd give a reason for the video not being out but it's literally that i'm just too fucking stressed and unmotivated. it'll be out soon if not soon then when i get home it'll go faster. 

  3. okay i know i said i was on vacation but i got a good few clips while i was looking through my xbox captures so uh, who wants a new video?

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    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Content creator never sleeps my guy! 

  4. Alright now that everyone knows I'm still alive back to my little vacation.

  5. Wouldn't you agree?


    Also last one.

    ZomboMeme 08102020000203.jpg

  6. Make some pretty funny memes though.

    ZomboMeme 09102020204915.jpg

  7. Yeah these are all old thumbnails from when draggy was around.

    ZomboMeme 09102020205026.jpg

  8. And here's another.

    ZomboMeme 09102020205709.jpg

  9. Picture based shitposts incoming.

    ZomboMeme 09102020205826.jpg

  10. squeak squeak mr spartan.

  11. i have a shitpost idea. i shall begin production.

  12. fuck depression. this is weirdly the nicest thing i've done in a while.



  13. Shitpost incoming. 

  14. I'm at my uncle's so videos if there are any at all are gonna be few and far between and HELLISHLY SLOW TO COME OUT. But if you wanna have something to watch now here you go, my biggest recommendation.



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    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      I hope ya doing swell bro! 

    2. bluntsouthernanger


      My everything hurts, I am covered in glue, my clothes are ruined, I am behind on my dauntless hunt pass and I was bamboozled by a spicy chicken. But my uncle's yard will be spoopified in time for Halloween and this makes it worth it.

    3. Legit_Dinosaur


      hahahaha nice! 

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