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  1. alright guess i'll make it official. i'm gonna stop solo streaming. i've got college soon and i'm in no mood to sit here and try to be entertaining with that torture on the fucking horizon. i'll still be doing co streams and the like but i can't sit there talking to myself for an hour straight it's starting to tear my nerves up and i need atleast a minimum of three of those. one for my family, one for school, and one to play jumprope with incase i go crazy. thank you for your time, have a better night than me.

  2. Okay so I got it wrong again. I was indeed playing hungry shark world! Mixer simply got the game name wrong.

  3. I had a friend of mine who's a nurse give me a once over, she tells me it's allergies.  Yeah allergies almost made me suffocate live on stream, whatever you say. I'm gonna see about getting a doctor's appointment to be sure but I am feeling slightly better. I'll see how it goes and hopefully I can still stream some gears 5 today. But if not I'll force myself to try tomorrow, for now I'm gonna have a lay down, maybe a nap.

  4. I had to stop the stream, something is wrong with me. I don't know what it is all I know is it's messing with my breathing. I'll see what I can do but I don't think I'll be doing any more streaming today.

  5. Might be late by a few minutes but the void bastards stream should start soon ladies and gentleman. 


  7. the void bastards stream starts at noon sharp and the gears of war stream will start after. i've decided to make the void bastards challenge my first stream series. help hold me to it guys. spam me with "where's void bastards!?" comments and shit. MAKE ME SUFFER IF I FORGET!

  8. i just realised i can share my cgn posts on twitter. that'll come in handy later i'm sure.

  9. uuugh... i ate too much... i gotta digest this meal but we'll start the big void bastards stream tomorrow and make a day of it K? night everybody.

  10. okay so since xbox decided to pull a bethesda and release the tech demo a day before it came the fuck out i gotta find something new to stream. gimme a minute i ain't letting this hiccup slow me down.

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    2. Legit_Dinosaur


      Yeah? imma add it to my list! is it on steam? 

    3. Bluntsouthernanger


      I got it wrong it's called hungry shark world. And yeah it should be.

    4. Legit_Dinosaur
  11. I AM AWAKENED! however due to unforseen consequences twitch will not be a part of my streaming habit today. i will still be doing both streams and they'll be starting any second now.

  12. revised plan. sleep like grizzly bear, stream gears, then void bastards.

  13. okay plan for tomorrow is as follows. 

    1. go to psychiatrist and doctors appointment. 

    2. return home and stream gears 5 tech test on twitch. 

    3. sleep like happy grizzly bear. 

    4. do 2+ hour void bastards stream where i can only use the zapper.


    5. profit. i dunno what i'll be earning as profit but i hope it's sugar cookies, i'm hungry.

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Gotta love a good cookie! 
      did you know there is a webiste called "TreatStream" it allowes people to send you food 😛
      found it the other day myself, unsure if id use it haha 

    2. Bluntsouthernanger


      i would but my mother would squash my head like a grape if i gave anyone our address 

    3. Legit_Dinosaur
  14. well i'm gonna TRY, say it with me, TRY, and stream on twitch again. their xbox app was hot fucking garbage last time i used it and i ain't got no money to pour into equipment to do pc shit to make it better since i don't feel i've earned my patreon yet. so i'll see how it goes with a few random streams and hopefully things go well. then i could start using mixer and twitch together.

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