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  1. Since they are not bothering to respond, what version of firmware are you running now? I’m on which is the latest it has prompted me to install.

    Can li mac izle


  2. i got rid of the monster hunter video. i've been working on it for three months or more and i just can't do it anymore. every time i'd open it it'd bring up more and more bad memories and i'm just fucking done with it. i'm too happy right now to let something like a video fuck up my good mood. new video shouldn't be far off if i put my nose to the grindstone. i learned how to edit with my unlocked editor alot better while editing that headache so hopefully this time it'll be quick. sorry for vanishing i just have not been in the best of sorts lately and i only just crawled out of my depression pit. hopefully i can get a nice video done to make up for it.

  3. i have four clips left in this video. i dunno where this sudden burst of motivation came from but i'm FUCKING ROLLIN WITH IT.

  4. so remember when i mentioned this needed to be stomped before it became a problem @zheck?
  5. i'm at a point right now where i've been working on this video for what feels like months now on and off and i know it's not gonna be worth all this fucking effort and it's not gonna be that good because i just got my unlocked editor and i didn't know how to properly utilize it yet so the video is sloppy. but i've gotten so far into it i don't want to toss the project because of what a pain in the fucking ass it'll be to redo it so i just chug along doing one clip at a time in this mile long video that probably won't even break ten minutes. it's fucking depressing. if i can just get it done though maybe i can get to work on something else. christ knows i need it, i'm bored outta my gourd over here.

  6. i'm still alive don't worry.

  7. haven't been able to get barely any work done because i've been freezin my tiddies off over here. just pulled up the editor so hopefully i can get enough work done before i get too cold or pass out from the muscle relaxer i'm gonna have to inevitably take.

  8. this new unlocked version of my editor is gonna take some getting used to.

  9. This is still by and far my biggest youtube accomplishment. My catharsis is infinite and malakai's head is MINE!



  10. monster hunter clips are all edited together i just need some music as background noise for the soundless clips. but i need to find just the right song. this shall be the great timesink of this fucking project.

  11. i'm in a shit mood right now. but my body feels reasonably fine so maybe a little work will lift my spirits up.

  12. so out of the MASSIVE clip dump i made i have acquired enough for one normal sized monster hunter video, one MASSIVE random bullshit compilation, and two videos i need more clips for. this is a good thing.

  13. trying to grab all the clips of one kind so i can get started on a video and be happy about my progress because i need happy right now okay.

  14. it's dangerous to go alone take this. NO NOT THAT that's my fucking lunch i meant the sword.

  15. the big brain scratcher i have for all these clips is "which of these am i gonna put in my random bullshit video and which ones are gonna warrant me re downloading a game and playing it for more to make a standalone." i hit and stuck 30+ twitter followers so i owe everyone the suffering of a fortnite video but everything else is in the air. 

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