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  1. you know every time i go to check my feed and see it hasn't updated in a couple weeks and then click over to see possible malware scams on the discover feed really makes me think i made the right call vanishing from this place. which sucks because i fucking like it here.

  2. there now you guys are as caught up as i can get you. if you wanna see the rest just go to my channel directly. they still haven't added any more categories so i can't really post too much of my VR stuff.

  3. one of my first edited videos. look how beautiful and spicey she is now!
  4. i will never understand where some of these ideas come from.
  5. just think of this as that fortnite vid i said i'd make before 2021 ghosted me.
  6. i did say i'd try to remember to post things here if i made anything.
  7. hey remember how before i vanished i said i'd make that fortnite video? 






    promise kinda kept.

  8. *snore* HRK! WHAT FUCKIN YEAR IS IT!? oh it's you fuckers. yeah I'm alive. you can already guess why i went quiet. odds are it's gonna stay that way. noone will admit it but youtube has fucking blacklisted me. much like alot of other people. I'm gonna try and remember to post my vids here but odds are unless I get bored tonight this is the last you'll hear of me.  sorry but I just don't have that spark I had before covid and everything else hit. it's all gone. I'll still make the occasional video but I think I'm done taking this seriously anymore. later guys.

  9. Since they are not bothering to respond, what version of firmware are you running now? I’m on which is the latest it has prompted me to install.

    Can li mac izle


    1. bluntsouthernanger


      get this fuckshit off my fucking page before I take your head off.

  10. i got rid of the monster hunter video. i've been working on it for three months or more and i just can't do it anymore. every time i'd open it it'd bring up more and more bad memories and i'm just fucking done with it. i'm too happy right now to let something like a video fuck up my good mood. new video shouldn't be far off if i put my nose to the grindstone. i learned how to edit with my unlocked editor alot better while editing that headache so hopefully this time it'll be quick. sorry for vanishing i just have not been in the best of sorts lately and i only just crawled out of my depression pit. hopefully i can get a nice video done to make up for it.

  11. i have four clips left in this video. i dunno where this sudden burst of motivation came from but i'm FUCKING ROLLIN WITH IT.

  12. so remember when i mentioned this needed to be stomped before it became a problem @zheck?
  13. i'm at a point right now where i've been working on this video for what feels like months now on and off and i know it's not gonna be worth all this fucking effort and it's not gonna be that good because i just got my unlocked editor and i didn't know how to properly utilize it yet so the video is sloppy. but i've gotten so far into it i don't want to toss the project because of what a pain in the fucking ass it'll be to redo it so i just chug along doing one clip at a time in this mile long video that probably won't even break ten minutes. it's fucking depressing. if i can just get it done though maybe i can get to work on something else. christ knows i need it, i'm bored outta my gourd over here.

  14. i'm still alive don't worry.

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