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  1. L4D2.1.png

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  2. I had an absolute BLAST playing Left 4 Dead 2 w/viewers and mods tonight. I did some 1v1 Scav/Vs with Bill and we turned tables and each won one! I had some amazing and positive people in chat, it was quite refreshing. Thanks BlueKrew see you next time! 

  3. L4D2.PNG 

    Click and Come join in on the fun! 


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  4. Yo, Thanks for the follow! #GameOn 

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  5.                                 Live Now! Come Hang out, chat, lurk, or Game with me! 


  6. Thanks for the follow! #GameOn

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  7.                                            Playing some Red Dead R2 Come hang out! 



  8. Hey, thanks for the follow. Please make sure to visit the "streams" section, you can add your social networks so we can find you easily! Have you been to the "introductions" in forums or the discord yet? I hope you have an amazing day! 


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  9. Welcome to CGN! Make sure to visit the "streams" section to link up yours if you have one, that way we can find you easily! "Introductions" in the forums or discord is always a good place to start too! 


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  10. Have you been wanting to try Titanfall 2? Did you miss the sale on Xbox Gold? Come hang out tonight for Titanfall Tuesday, and enter to win one of two copies I will give away tonight! 
    8:45 EST on  https://www.twitch.tv/BlueSuedeHaze                                           

    Titanfall 2.jpg

  11. Tonight is Titanfall Thursday and a giveaway! We will have 2 copies of Titanfall 2 Xbox version. Come hang out at 5:45 PM (GMT) 8:45 PM (EST)! https://www.twitch.tv/BlueSuedeHaze 

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  12. Learning some new Titans and weapons tonight! Come hang out, lurk, Chat, or Game with me!! [18+] [XB1]  🎬🎮👉🏽 https://www.twitch.tv/BlueSuedeHaze


  13.                                                                                       It's Time!


                                                           Come Hang out, lurk, Chat, or game with me!

                                                               >>     www.twitch.tv/BlueSuedeHaze    <<

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  14. Titanfall Tuesday and guess what? Playing Titanfall 2 Tonight! HYPE!  Come hang out, lurk, chat, or game with me! https://www.twitch.tv/BlueSuedeHaze 

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  15. I cannot believe how fast the stream is growing!  

    I have made so many friends, followers, viewers, and gaming teammates in the last week I can barely remember everyone!  

    I cannot Thank You Enough! 


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