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  • Credit and Debit Card Payments!

    Are you tired of having to buy your Video Games through Paypal?

    Wish there was another way? Well then you are in Luck!!


    Because CGN is now accepting Credit and Debit Card Payments directly!

    Thanks to our good friends over at STRIPE!

    stripe payment logo.png



    STRIPE is a new standard in online payments. Allowing you to simply type in your Credit or Debit Card information, and Save it without ever having to create an Account.

    The process allows for things to be a lot more streamlined and makes it easier for users without Paypal accounts to buy from our platform.

    Which is great timing, because we are in the middle of our CGN Summer Sale and Games are up to 80% off right now!!

    stripe payments.jpg



    So feel free to use the new option when purchasing from our Store!

    And if you have any questions about the new Payment Gateway, feel free to comment below!



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