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  • CGN ORBS and The Exchange!

    Today we are excited to kick off the release of CGN ORBS!

    ORBS are an in-house currency that you earn while using the platform!

    ORBS can be spent within the ORB Exchange to FEATURE Streams, Videos, Channels, Profiles, Purchase Raffle Tickets for Giveaways!
    And more to come in the future! https://cgn.us/exchange

    CGN orbs.png

    And to make things better, you can donate them to others users on the platform!
    So not only can you help yourself, but you can help others as well.
    By sending them ORBS to Feature Content or Enter Raffles!
    cgn donate orbs.png

    CGN Partners are also allowed to Exchange their Orbs accumulated for Account Credit every Friday!
    Simply by Transferring them directly to the Exchange. And we plan to make the available to more users in the future!
    cgn orbs exchange.png

    Now a lot of you might be asking "How do I earn Orbs?"
    Well that is very simple! Just about everything you do on CGN will earn you some Orbs!
    From posting Topics, Replying to Topics, Posting Statuses, Receiving Views on your Videos/Streams and much more!

    However, the Highest Rate of Orbs earned come from Views on your Content!
    You earn Orbs for every View you Receive on a Video or Live Stream.
    So the more you promote your content! The more you will earn!

    So check it out! And if you have any questions about this New Release.
    Feel free to Message me or any other Staff members!


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    5 minutes ago, KR155 said:

    Nice touch 

    Thank you! And I intend to make it better as time goes on 🙂 

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    Always good to hear new things working in the pipelines, The future for CGN is bright for sure

    Shake It Picard.gif

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