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  • Advice for Escape from Tarkov Newcomers

    Colin The Bear


    Advice for newcomers to Escape from Tarkov

    Escape from Tarkov (abbreviated as EFT) is a videogame of the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre developed by Battlestate Games, which has gained great popularity recently. In this FPS, players will embody a soldier whose main objective is to escape from the city of Tarkov, while trying to collect any useful items he finds along the way.

    EFT adopts certain elements of the RPG genre and also has a fairly fresh narrative within the FPS genre. But, the most characteristic of this game is its incredible realism, since Escape from Tarkov was created with the purpose of being a combat simulator. The realism of this Shooter is more evident in the resistance of our character, which can end up in a critical situation by a single shot, since the bullet impacts can produce hemorrhages that must be treated quickly, or can also affect some primordial extremity for the movement. Another characteristic element of EFT is that if a player dies during any game, he will lose all the items he has collected since the beginning of the game (with some exceptions), so all players have a constant fear of dying during all games.


    Due to all the above, Escape from Tarkov is an extremely complicated game for beginners, regardless of their previous experience with other FPS games. EFT has no tutorials explaining how to survive or exactly what to do, so it is normal to start out lost. That said, below are eight recommendations provided by experienced players to help those newcomers who recently started playing Escape from Tarkov. 


    1. Start by playing offline mode 

    To begin with, it should be mentioned that Escape from Tarkov has quite complex game mechanics compared to other FPS games, so it is necessary to master them correctly before starting to play online.

    Among the mechanics that can complicate the players of this FPS is the discomfort of having to put the bullets one by one in the magazine to continue shooting, and also the need to always keep quiet, which is achieved by controlling the speed of movement until it can produce the least noise possible when walking on various types of surfaces. That said, the best way to practice with the mechanics and controls of Escape from Tarkov is by playing the offline mode, so it is recommended to train a lot with these games, before moving to the main online modes.



    1. Don't make such a big deal out of the loss

    Despite following the above advice, it is inevitable to die many times when starting in the main modes of Escape from Tarkov, as his games can present all sorts of complex situations where quick decisions are required to survive and that skill can only be obtained through experience. When you start out in the game, there is no need to worry about losing everything you have gained due to a failed raid (which will happen eventually), because even if you lose some valuable items, it is relatively easy to get similar ones in subsequent games. 

    Another viable option to reacquire some valuable lost items is through Eldorado.gg market for Escape from Tarkov.
    On this website, you can find Tarkov roubles, sick cases and keycards among other EFT items for sale.



    1. Make the most of the secure container

    As mentioned above, dying in Escape from Tarkov causes the loss of all items collected in the game, and that's what scares most players, especially if they managed to get some pretty rare loot. Despite this penance, players also have the safe containers, which offer the possibility to save a limited amount of items, and thus always keep them, even after falling into the game. The secure container can also be expanded if a certain fee is paid with game money, and that is usually avoided by beginners. But, it turns out that it is quite advisable to pay for the expansion of the secure container, as it is much better to pay a fee than to lose an extremely rare and expensive item.


    1. Analyze the situation before running into attractive loot

    One of the main goals that all Escape from Tarkov players have is basically to pick up the best loots you can get along the way, but that can also be used to set traps for players, and many newcomers end up falling into these. For that reason, it is important to analyze all possible scenarios before approaching any considerably valuable item, especially if it is in the middle of an open field, since most snipers will trap in open fields, but you should not let your guard down in closed areas either.  


    1. Only pick up what's really important

    As all EFT players know, backpack space is limited, so it is important to be able to discern in the shortest time possible between what is truly important and what is not needed. The best way to compare the items is by analyzing if they are needed for the current mission or can be needed for the next ones, and also if they can be normally found in the game's shops.


    1. Learn how to sell in this game

    One of the best ways to earn a lot of money in Escape from Tarkov is by selling the items you get, so it is essential to know how to buy. Mainly you have to know the items that interest each seller, since the profits you get from a sale may depend on the seller, so you should investigate before you sell something. It is also much better to sell the weapons and accessories separately, as that way you can make a better profit.


    1. Get to know the game's maps for better strategies

    In this FPS it is very common to find yourself in emergency situations that require a good strategy to get out of them (such as being under attack by another player), so you must always have a plan to be able to act in the best way at the most inopportune moments. The best way to devise a good plan is to learn the maps of Escape from Tarkov based on practice, which is not so complicated if you play in the offline mode, where you can play all the scenarios of the game without any penalty when losing, so this mode should be used to learn the particularities of each map and know the best routes to escape from a hypothetical problem. 



    1. Never let your guard down

    In EFT, making a commotion and starting confrontations with other players is extremely simple, but managing to survive in that situation is not (no matter if the enemy is another player or a bot); this is due to the realistic resistance of our character. Taking that into account, it is essential to avoid unnecessary confrontations that will only bring losses, even if a Scav comes to us saying he has no intention of fighting, you should never let your guard down.


    Escape from Tarkov is an FPS game that offers a much more complex experience compared to others and that can make it very difficult for any player trying to start this challenge. But, if you have a good strategy, constant stealth and follow the recommendations above, then Escape from Tarkov can end up being much easier and more fun than before.

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