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  • CGN : Video Game Store

    Today, I am glad to announce the first post about the Video Game Store being released here on CGN.
    Many of you Members may have already been aware of this, but within the next few weeks we will begin selling Video Games.
    And not only is this a big announcement for the website, but also a large opportunity for all our Members!
    Over the past few months I have slowly been developing this (Games) Program.
    Which gives you members the ability to quickly browse the website via your Favorite Games and Purchase them if you want.

    And not only have we made the Listing of Products Easy, but we have added Discovery Tools to every Product Page!
    Think a Game looks good, but would prefer to see it in Action first? Find some Gamer's who are Playing it Currently? Or maybe you want to read the Reviews?
    All can be done directly from the Product Page without ever having the leave the Website!!

    Not only are we allowing you all to Purchase Games, but we are also going to allow you all to EARN MONEY!
    Simply by taking part in our Referral/Affiliate Program (Click Here to Learn More)
    So, wait are you all waiting for? Go out and start Referring New Members to CGN before we start selling Games within the next few weeks!!

    As you can tell we are super excited to release this Program and I really hope it allows our Users to better Connect with one another like never before!
    If you have any questions about the latest release feel free to @  in a Status Update or Send me a Message