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  • Creating a Club Page -- CGN

    Wanting to Create a Club on CGN.US, but don't know a lot about it?
    Well here is a Complete Guide to help you get started!!
    ||| Creating the Club |||
    Creating a Club is as simple as clicking a button!
    Simply go to the Clubs Page located at the link below and click the (Start A Club) Button!
    Clubs ---> https://cgn.us/c/ 

    After clicking the (Start a Club) Button you will be prompted to Enter a Club Name, Description, Club Logo, and choose whether you want it Open or Closed.

    Once finished entering your Clubs Information click the (SAVE) Button and your Club has been created!!

    ||| Editing your Club |||
    Now that you have your club created, it's time to start editing your Club Page!
    To start simply click the (Manage Club) Button on the right side of the page.

    From here you can Add new FEATURES to your Club Page or Edit the Club Settings.

    - Topics (Creates a Forum to post Topics)
    - Videos (Creates a Video Category)
    - Calendar (Creates a Calendar for the Club)
    - Live Streams (Creates a Live Stream Page) *** Coming Soon ***
    - Store (Creates a Store Page) *** Coming Soon ***

    Now that you have added all the FEATURES to your Club Page. It's time to start inviting members!
    Simply click the (Invite Members) button under the (Manage Clubs) Tab, and start inviting!!
    Really hope you all enjoy this new feature, and if you have any questions. Feel free to ask!

    Five Dollar Friday Sale! #CGN

    This Friday CGN.US is having it's first Five Dollar Friday Sale!
    Giving you all the chance to pick up tons of Newer and Older Titles at $5.00 or Less!
    The Sale will start Friday morning at 12:00 AM and end at 12:00 AM Saturday Morning.
    So be sure to check out all the Games we will have to offer from Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, Xbox, Playstation and more!!
    Also, Partners and Premium Members will have access to the Five Dollar Sale starting tomorrow!
    So get your wallets ready, because we have some Games to sell!!

    Community Video Series || CGN

    Starting next week we will be starting two new Community based Video Compilation Series.
    That we will Feature every week on CGN.US and our Youtube Channel.
    1) Game Fails
    2) Game Greats
    These Series will consist of short Gaming Fails and Gaming Great Video Clips. Normally ranging from 10 to 15 Seconds that showcase your best Gaming Fails and or Gaming Greats Moments.
    And after receiving enough Clips we will create a Compilation of the best "Gaming Fails" and "Gaming Greats" to Upload to CGN and our Youtube Channel.
    So if you have any Clips you would like to submit for these CGN Video Series. Simply click the link below and start submitting!!
    We will be reviewing and approving all submissions, and if you are approved.
    Your Clips will be showcased in our weekly series! Hope you all enjoy, and if you have any questions.
    Feel free to comment below.

    Premium Membership : Updates

    CGN is making waves in the Gaming Community!
    And to make things better, we are offering more PERKS to our Premium Subscribing Members!
    As you all are aware Premium Membership on CGN Currently Offers.

    - Double CGN Points on all Post, Likes, Videos, and Topics
    - Free CGN Points to spend in the Store
    - Early Access into BETA Programs and Software
    Well as of today we are adding New PERKS to the Premium Membership!
    - 10% off all Purchases on the CGN Website (Currently 15% for the Summer Sale)
    - Higher Commission on Referral Purchases via our Affiliate Program (8%)
    - Access to our Premium Only Discord
    These PERKS are available right now, and we have sent messages out to all Current PREMIUM Members.
    So if you are interested in becoming a Premium Member on CGN, simply click the link below!
    Hope you all enjoy, and if you have any questions feel free to comment below!

    CGN Partnership : Apply Today!

    CGN Partnership is Available!
    Over the past few months we have worked tirelessly in order to Update CGN into what you see today.
    And because of all this work and dedication we are now able to offer the Members a larger piece of the action!
    So we have released CGN Partnership and it comes with a plethora of Perks and Benefits!

    1) Higher Commission on Sales
    Now that you are Partnered you earn double what the other Users Earn!
    2) Discount Code
    Every Partnered Member on CGN can receive a Discount Code per Request!
    This code works on all Purchases and takes a total of either 3% to 5% off!
    3) Verified Tick Mark
    Get a dedicated Verified Tick Mark beside your name that lets everyone on CGN.US know you are a Partner!

    4) Partner only Discord
    A Custom Discord Created only for CGN.US Partners
    This is where you all can congregate together, share content, see the latest deals from the website and much much more!

    5) Custom Panel for your Streams or Website!

    On request, you will receive a Custom Panel for your Channel!
    Not only does it look cool, but it shows you are an Official Partner of CGN!
    So are you interested in being a Partner? If so, simply Apply via the Link below!
    Once you are Approved, you will be sent a Private Message and Email with instruction on how to get started!
    And sent links to all the Private Channels and Discord! Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

    Concerning : Gamer of the Week

    As many of you all who voted last week are aware.
    Gamer of the Week Voting (36) has ended, and the winner was @DePemy 

    However, during the voting, @DePemy contacted me explaining how he would be absent this week.
    And asked if I would place him in for the week after. I thought about it for awhile, and came to the decision that this was do-able, but I would have to remove the voting for next week.
    So instead of granting @DePemy the Gamer of the Week Position. I instead granted it to Gamer of the Week Runner-Up @Cupofrobots 
    Before doing so, I emailed and Private Messaged both @Cupofrobots and @DePemy 
    To let them know what is going on, and how this situation will be handled.
    Then I placed @Cupofrobots as the Winner of Gamer of the Week, for Week 36.
    And I have @DePemy set for Gamer of the Week winner of Week 37, and we have no voting for this week.
    Then I scheduled the Tweet and the CGN Post. 
    "Congrats to our Gamer of the Week @Cupofrobots"
    After being viewed. This led to a fiery backlash by the community.
    Which makes perfect sense, because I was not able to inform you of my decisions in a timely fashion.
    Leading many to believe that I had chosen the winner out of pure favoritism. Which I can assure you, is not the case.
    I apologize for my actions, and I will do my best in the future to better inform the community of any and all decisions being made before they happen.
    I hope you all can forgive me, and I promise to do my best to amend for any damages I have caused between communities.

    Credit and Debit Card Payments!

    Are you tired of having to buy your Video Games through Paypal?
    Wish there was another way? Well then you are in Luck!!
    Because CGN is now accepting Credit and Debit Card Payments directly!
    Thanks to our good friends over at STRIPE!

    STRIPE is a new standard in online payments. Allowing you to simply type in your Credit or Debit Card information, and Save it without ever having to create an Account.
    The process allows for things to be a lot more streamlined and makes it easier for users without Paypal accounts to buy from our platform.
    Which is great timing, because we are in the middle of our CGN Summer Sale and Games are up to 80% off right now!!

    So feel free to use the new option when purchasing from our Store!
    And if you have any questions about the new Payment Gateway, feel free to comment below!

    CGN 4.0 BETA Release!

    Today I am happy to announce the release of CGN 4.0 BETA!  
    These Layout changes come after a long time of upgrading Features on the CGN Website
    And with the latest release of our Gaming Store, I found it only right that we had a new Theme to go with it!\

    While in development I wanted to make sure that I met tackled all the suggestions brought to me by members recently and the past.
    So the Theme has been designed with a Sidebar Layout in an attempt to push the content you all care most about to the top of the website.
    And removing the horizontal Menu we had before. Which not only allows more room, but also allows for a much easier way of navigating the interior of the website.

    I do want to remind you all though that this new Layout is currently in BETA and some changes will be coming to it within the next few days.
    So if you happen to see any bugs, or have any suggestions, feel free to post them below and I will do my best to integrate them  

    Beam.pro is now Mixer.com!!


    Today was a big step for Beam.pro, the platform many from our Platform have come to love! Because they have now changed their name and re-branded as Mixer.com!  
    The announcement came today via Multiple Partnered Streamers and post to their Social Media Pages! Why the change in name you may ask? Well according to Co-founder Matt Salsamendi
    "This was a tough decision, and not one that we made lightly. But, it was something that we decided on as a team. We believe so much in the power of the platform and want to grow it in every major market around the world. Unfortunately, that wasn’t something we could do with the Beam name. We chose Mixer as our new name because it represents what we love most about the service….how it brings people together."
    Apart from the Name change and Re-branding, Mixer is coming with a plethora of New Features!
    Crowd playing, using their Interactive Software, Co-Streaming, Mixer Create, A Brand new Studio, and much much more!
    And to kick all this off Mixer is having a full day of Live Streaming fun to Celebrate the Launch of the new website!

    Also, I have been working furiously to change all the old Beam.pro Logo's and Streams to reflect the New platform
    So all Previous Beam.pro Streamers can be rest assured that their Stream is still connected to their CGN Profile and all links have been updated.
    If you have any questions, feel free to leave a response below, and if you would like to know more about Mixer click the link below!

    Hitbox and Azubu = SmashCast.TV!!

    Hitbox and Azubu have been combined to form!

    Smashcast is a new Streaming Platform powered by Hitbox and Azubu Staff Members, and according to their Blog Post.
    "Smashcast offers a delay-free streaming experience with resolutions up to 4K at 60fps on a newly designed, HTML5-based platform."
    But that's not all. The staff have also created a bunch of New Features. Some Aimed Entirely at the Esports Community.
    HYPE - O - METER
    One being, that you can see in the Image above, is the Hype-O-Meter.
    Essentially a Bar that allows members to Spam Emoji's that will jump across the screen while you are watching your Favorite Teams compete.
    Allowing for a bit of competition, as each emote will be counted into the Hype-o-Meter and will continuously shift the bar according to which fans cheer the most.
    Allows Streamers to post and keep their viewers updates on their content.
    And in turn allows viewers to look up any news, previously hosted polls, uploaded VODs, esport results and more 

    4K VIDEO
    SmashCast has a new Production Studio that will allow users to Stream to 4K Video on their Platform.
    In their post they say it will allow them to actively provide you the highest quality esports content, produced live in Vienna.
    YES! We will be supporting this platform the same as we did Hitbox and Azubu before.
    At this time Smashcast.tv Streams cannot be connected to your CGN Profiles, but within the next week or two
    We should have all the Authorization and Connectivity between your Smashcast Streaming Profiles and your CGN.US Profiles.
    So what do you all think of Smashcast.TV? Will you be trying it out?
    Be sure to leave us some comments or questions below!!