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  1. @Blitzgirl1310 Thanks for the follow, I appreciate that.

  2. I love nature, and my favorite thing is lightening. I went through a whole list of words of lightening in other languages before settling on blitz, and added girl onto it for I was sick and tired of being called a 12 year old boy. Though looking back on choosing to add girl I regret that decision. It just made the social aspect of gaming a little bit more difficult. 1310 are letters of the alpahbet for initials.
  3. I'm loving PUBG on xb1.  So glad that it came to console.  Been grinding on this game since launch.   Come chill with me.  Chill here <-----

  4. currently live, playing Fortnite Battle Royale, new game mode, 50v50 on ps4, come chill with me

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  5. going live here in a few, going to be playing CoD: WWII, hoping to get some gbs matches in, the 1v1's.To the Blitz Cave!

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  6. It's been awhile since I've been here.  Yowsers it's mighty different.  I need to update my profile too.  smh.  shame on me.

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  7. Streaming some IW on ps4, twitch.tv/blitzgirl1310 if anybody wants to come chill or even play

  8. I was really hyped up for Ghost Recon Wildlands, but it just feels like gta and division mixed together. I don't really care for it. I am looking forward to Mass Effect: Andromeda and Injustice 2.
  9. editing videos is a pain, but well worth it

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  10. I have been loving Horizon Zero Dawn

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    1. GhostBomber44X


      Me too! It has a lot of inspiration from other games, but the unique twist of the story makes it refreshing. I feel like I am playing Far Cry Primal, Metal Gear Solid, Ark, and Last of Us all in one game! 

  11. Was wondering what type of new content besides gaming to add to my channel. I've been dabbling with vlogs and I enjoy making them.  Then I had exciting and bad night last night  I was able to catch and record.  Now currently editing and uploading the aftermath video.  

  12. Thanks!! What games do you play?

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  13. Has anyone noticed that they get more viewers for streaming on one platform over the other?  I seem to get more viewers when streaming games on the ps4, compared to when I am streaming through the Xboxone.

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    1. Cat_of_CatAndSix


      Not by system so much, but as per game. But you might be getting more because PS4 does link to twitch, I don't know honestly.


    2. GhostBomber44X


      Not so much system but by game. On Twitch, even if you stream through your console, its categorized by game then categorized by most popular to least. Also the PS4 community is probably a whole lot larger than the community on xbox one

  14. I need a fireteam for Destiny on the Ps4.  Trying to do Iron Banner by yourself is horrible.  I win 1 game and lose 4 in a row.  Anyone down? 

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