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  1. Blinksy


    PC- gamer, coffee-lover, streaming a variety of RPGs, FPS, survival games, MMOs and mods. All support is invested back into the channel. Kick back, relax, feel free to AMA.
  2. Blinksy!

    I blinked and almost missed ya. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Get it..your name....anyways

    Thanks for the follow!  I shall return the favor :)  hope to see you online!

  3. I've finally got some time to get some streaming in this weekend. Going LIVE
    Hunter: Call of the Wild.



  4. Hey everyone! Company of Heroes 2 is available for FREE in the Humble store for the next 48 hours! Must activate your code before December 30th! https://www.humblebundle.com/store/company-of-heroes-2
  5. Howdy. Welcome to the network Hope to see ya around
  6. Goin live. Dying Light :D


    dying light 2.jpg

  7. Hey Jenzii, Welcome to the network. Good to meet ya.
  8. Sanctum 2 is completely FREE in the humble store for the next 24hours. Get it while its hot! https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sanctum-2
  9. Hey dude, welcome to the network. Interesting backstory. I'm glad to hear you were able to move past your illness. I'll stop by soon and say hello!
  10. Hey dude. I'm always trying to network and meet new friends. I'm always down to Co-op or play FPS's or MMOs with people. Feel free to add me on steam: Blinksy_ I'd be happy to play sometime. I'm currently co-oping a lot of Hunter COTW, Grim Dawn, PUBG, Fortnite, Ghost Recon wildlands, L4D2, Let me know if you wanna play sometime. -blinks
  11. Hey there, welcome to the network. Hope you come across some new channels that interest you
  12. Going live: Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Open coop with Leo.



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