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  1. Id say so. But I'm more about streaming what you think is enjoyable than what will get views. I can't stream something I don't enjoy because then I def wont be putting on a good show if people do come by.
  2. Hey man! Not a bad idea! Do you use twitch? Would love to auto host and network a bit more
  3. Old School mainly because it was what I played back in the day. Haven't tried RS3 really, but lets be real older is better sometimes
  4. So higher rating is better? I'm at like 1400 solo. I'm looking for some peeps to play with and I def like to get in fights instead of camping in this game otherwise its boring haha. I have a discord setup if you want to join it the link is below and we can team up sometime! I def want to get serious about it and try to win too and would 100% want to compete in esports stuff.
  5. Oh wow! That's actually a really cool new feature. Glad they seem to be doing a little bit more to cater towards the smaller streamers to help them out. I mean in reality they make money off the large streamers, but theres even more money for them in the unknown small streamers that could be big and bringing in revenue.
  6. For me it's all about PUBG. I am utter garbage at H1Z1, but can actually manage myself in PUBG. H1 seems to random for me when it comes to shooting. There are far too many times that I think that I should be hitting headshots when my crosshair is right on them. I might just be bad at H1 though, which definitely contributes to me liking PUBG a lot more. While they are different in some ways they are both still battle royal games so I think they are easy enough to compare in that sense. Edit: I am also looking for people to play duos or squads with so join the discord below and lets play sometime!
  7. Haha ya that is so true. I was really hoping they were going to for the last one. Made me so sad. Ill be playing it non stop when it comes out though I know that.
  8. Hi Blanke, just wanted to say thank you for the follow :)

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  9. One thing I always do and it drives me crazy if I don't before I either start the game or the stream is make sure nothing in OBS has the red box around it from being selected . It drives me crazy. That and all the general open programs, pick music, tweet and the likes haha.
  10. Awesome tips man! This is a very awesome starter list for networking.
  11. Ugh I wish I had a console but PC beta isnt till Aug . Side note I have a Destiny 2 channel on my discord linked in my sig if anyone wants to join to help build the community of streamers within to help network and to chat about Destiny 2 and other games!
  12. Hey man thanks for the follow! Hope to see you around a lot!

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      of course my man


  13. Thank you for the follow and welcome to CGN!^^ I'll see you on discord.

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  14. Hey man thanks for the follow and feel free to join my discord and invite any of your friends! Looking to grow a streamer networking discord :) https://discord.gg/DqrB6v2

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    1. cheese2life


      thank u for the offer i dont discord to often normly still a teamspeaker . 

  15. Hey thanks for the follow and for joining the discord!

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      Not a problem, thanks for your follow as well

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