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  1. Mixer | Interactive Livestreaming MIXER.COM Welcome to Mixer, the next generation in live streaming.
  2. I'm feeling better today!! For the first time in a long time eeeee

    We are shooting for a 8ish hour or longer stream today!

    10 mil spark push yaa YEET

    Fueled with @Advanced_GG 

    1. Legit_Dinosaur



  3. Hey! ! As always I love to do fun things that give you guys an opportunity to win free things in stream. Starting Wednesday the 27th of this month through the Last day of April we will be starting our new stream event "April Eggs"
    ~So part 1 of the awesome April festivities will be our new SUPPORTER BOARD! -Each subscriber, even resubs, will get to choose a paw, egg, or bunny & I'll write your name on it and put it on my green screen behind me! -Each donation over $5 will get an extra special glittery paw, egg, or bunny on the board! So you're probably thinking okay, so what the hell does this have to do with eggs when its April Eggs? :BBDerp: :BBDerp: :BBDerp: :BBDerp: This brings us to PART 2! ~ DONATION REWARDS -Every donation from $1 - $9 will get me to draw an egg out of the white unicorn basket. -Prizes for this basket include channel currency, & streamloots chests. -Every donation from $10+ will get me to draw an egg out of the pink fluffy unicorn basket. -Prizes for this basket include large ammounts of channel curreny, Streamloots chests, Mixer pro codes, Xbox Giftcards, Merchroom Giftcards, and buttons from your favorite Waifu herself. -Donations over $25 will get to draw two eggs from the pink fluffy unicorn basket -Donations over $50 will get to draw two eggs from the pink fluffy unicorn basket, one egg from the white unicorn basket, and will automatically get 2 buttons mailed to you with love :heart: All proceeds will go to helping me pay for my medical expenses and to help me get out of the $18,000 medical debt I'm currently struggling with.

    I know that not everyone can afford to donate, so to make this accessible to everyone we will be drawing eggs at Sparks goals! (We will be drawing from the white unicorn basket for smaller sparks goals, and from the pink fluffy unicorn basket for larger sparks goals)

  4. We've been awake since before the sun came up, and we are live meow!
    We are starting with some @PlayApex & grinding out 20k damage with 8 legends as well as working on our battle pass.

    Stardew valley & BDO later too!


  5. Feeling a little bit better,
    I've missed you guys too much!<3
    PLUS uh hello?! @PlayApex battle pass is out~

    Fueled w @InsaneLabz 
    Giving away a free sub and pro code at sparks goals.
    Live on @OfficialDLive & @WatchMixer 

  6. I've now started multicasting to DLive!




    DLive is a pretty cool platform, if you haven't checked it out yet, you totally should. 

  7. Monday is probably everyone's least favorite day of the week, 
    So come spend it with your favorite Mixer Waifu ❤️

    Pushing for that 15 Mil sparks goal, 
    Playing some @PlayApex & @anthemgame 

    Fueled by @InsaneLabz Focus GG


  8. We are going live on our 20k Damage grind for each legend on @PlayApex right meow. 

    We have around 20 hours to reset, can we hit 10 million sparks? Maybe even 15 mill?! A girl can dream anyways

    Get in here and hang with me I missed you guys~


  9. I've recovered enough from surgery to stream again! 
    Pain is absolutely tolerable right now, SO we are LIVE MEOW!
    Celebrating #WomansHistoryMonth on @WatchMixer 

    Playing some @PlayApex & pushing for 10 Million Sparks!


  10. OH heeeey, 
    so I've missed you guys, and I've missed @PlayApex 

    This is one of those why not both scenarios. 
    @InsaneLabz Sub Zero Focus GG at the ready

    Come cheer a sickly waifu up


  11. Feeling a little better today, & we are LIVE!

    Playing a bit of @anthemgame then switching it up to @PlayApex later on.

    We are almost half way to our 10 Mil sparks goal, can we hit it?


  12. I know, I should be resting, but I can't stay away from you guys longer than two days. 
    We're live, finally experiencing @anthemgame then playing some @PlayApex today as well!

    Get in here and love me dang it 
    Fueled by @JerkyXP & @InsaneLabz Focus GG

  13. Pssst - 
    We're live, and we hit 35 Mil sparks offline whadduheck?! THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️
    Should we push for 50 or nah?
    A few Apex games then either Metro or New Dawn I'll let you guys decide ❤️
    Rockin my comfy @InsaneLabz hoodie w/ Princess Peach Focus GG





      Niiiiiiiccceeeeee! Shoot for the FIFTY!!

    2. CuzinT


      SMASH IT!!!

  14. It has been way too long since we costreamed with Asikaa guys, 
    we are gonna be shredding some @PlayApex today.

    We are a little over 5 million sparks away from 35 million let's spark it up bbs~

    Get in here and love me dang it 


  15.  Happy Friday guys,

    Yesterday's Valentines day stream was so much fun.


    It's the start of the weekend and there are so many new games to play.

    What are your weekend gaming plans?

    What new release game are you most hype about?


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