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  1. Cheers for the follow man :)

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  2. hey bubba, thanks for tha follow...i followed ya back...


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    1. kp0llux


      Cheers mate, much appreciated! If you're a fan of blowing **** up you definitely came to the right place ;)

  3. Anyone playing No Man's Sky??? If so join the No Man's Sky group....We have cookies and sentinels!!!!

    1. MicBeMac


      Huray, Cookies!

  4. Getting ready for No Man's Sky in T-minus 4 min.... come join on twitch.tv/Basestar80

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  5. No Man's Sky General group has been created and looking for new members to share all that the universe has to offer.  Upload pics and video's off all the stuff that you find flying through space.  Can't wait to see you all out there!!!

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  6. No Man's Sky tonight.....5 hrs and counting...Anybody else picking this up?

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    1. Wogawell


      Are you going to the midnight launch? 

    2. Basestar80


      no i bought it digitally...it's already installed...Are you going to the midnight release?

    3. Wogawell


      Nah I've got it dispatched and on the way. Enjoy man, I hope for our sakes the hype is REAL

  7. Anyone playing Batman TellTale yet?

  8. I love Indie games and sometimes get bogged down in surfing for "good" ones on steam/PS Store, etc.....Just wanted to see what other people consider to be some of the best. I'm not picky when it comes to genre, as I like a little of everything. Cant wait to see what you guys list. Have great days full of extra lives and save points!
  9. Stuff and thangs for all!!!

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    1. zheck
    2. Basestar80


      too much Woot for meh

  10. I'm going to be starting a Black Desert guild later today...If anyone in the NA Region is interested in joining please hit me up. Would love to have a large group so we can really enjoy this. Message me here or hit me up on twitch.tv/Basestar80
  11. Finishing up Mega Man X and then Nuclear Throne and first on stream Loot Crate opening!!!!

  12. Game Night with Dropsy the Clown, come join the madness!!!

  13. Playing some Dropsy to start, then other madness...come join!!! see ya in 10 miin

  14. Streaming some Unravel in 5..come watch Yarny and me get into some yarnanigans!

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