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  1. Hey Everyone, I've been using ReStream for a while but have just recently started hearing about the negatives of using the service. My thought process was hitting multiple streams at the same time would help get some exposure and see what network I get the most traction on. However, some of my streamer friends have been saying that they found it alienated their audiences and it actually turned some people away. They instead choose to stream on one service at any given time and simply swap between services. I would be interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Should I continue using ReStream or should I switch to exclusive streaming?
  2. Hey Everyone, I've been slowly amassing software for streaming and recording but haven't picked up a video editing software. Does anyone have any recommendations for an entry level video editing software? I've just been using MS moviemaker.
  3. Thank you for the follow. I look forward to meeting you.:D

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  4. heya! thanks for the refollow :3

  5. Thanks for the follow! I'll definitely have to check out your podcast!

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  6. A few announcements:

    1. Come join me tonight for our weekly live recording and streaming of the Addicted to Loot podcast at 7pm EST.  This episode will be are featured E3 episode.

    2. I'll be hosting my very first Steam Ket giveaway stream this Saturday featuring a game called Solaroids.  I'm tentatively planning to have it about 11am EST and I'll be going for a few hours.

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  7. Definitely Skyrim. I still haven't completed the story mission. Also, have to finish the Last of Us.
  8. I'll be live streaming the recording of the Addicted to Loot!  Podcast tonight at 7pm Est at twitch.tv/addictedtoloot

    Tonights topics include:

    - Farcry 5

    -Titanfall 2

    -Ashes of Creation

    Come join the conversation live and be apart of the podcast.


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  9. Hello all you would be adventurers and Dungeon Masters, My name is Brian aka “Atomic Zero” and I’m one of the Co-creators of Addicted to Loot. I co-produce a weekly PC gaming podcast, create YouTube videos, and stream. I’m a huge fan of RPG streams such as Roll4it, lost Initiative, and Rollout, and always wanted to start one. I’m looking for 1 DM and 3-4 other players to form a new RPG stream specifically focusing on unique and lesser known RPGs. I want to provide exposure to RPGs that are either new, unknown, or untested, and show viewers how each game functions. My goal is to have the stream be both entertaining and informative. About the Stream The day, time, and duration of the stream TBD. I would plan for at least once a week for 3-4 hours. We’ll have a few practice sessions prior to streaming. I’ll take care of hosting and streaming. We’ll utilize Zoom for webcam hosting (I have a paid account which will cover everyone). Roll20 will be used as much as possible for facilitating the streams. I have a few games that I would like to try, but would be open to any game suggestions.
  10. Crossing my fingers that I get to stream tonight.  Anyone out there have any game suggestions?  

    -Heroes of the Storm

    -Total War Warhammer


    -Indie game marathon

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    1. zheck


      Heroes of the Storm :o 

    2. Atomic_Zero


      Also just in case:


      I also just picked out Mad Max off the Humble sale.  Never played it before but not sure how much foot traffic it would bring in.

  11. Thanks for the follow :) 

  12. Are you looking for this to be a competitive stream or for entertainment? I pop into Overwatch on PC a few times a week, but mostly do it for fun (arcade games, random heroes, etc). I still do ranked from time to time, but I doubt I'm the best player out there.
  13. I participated in the beta and haven't really touched it since. I'm probably super rusty at this point. I enjoyed what I played but couldn't get anyone I knew into it. I would be interested in jumping back into it and do some stream collaborations if that is what you were looking for.
  14. The big HOTS 2.0 update really brought a lot to the game. I enjoyed it before the 2.0 update, but mostly just casually. Doing the dailies real quick with bot battles. Now, I'm far more excited to jump in and play. The new reward system and the experience tweaks completely changed the game for the better.
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