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  1. i hope the cgn fam is having a good time tonight

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    1. zheck


      Having a great time!

  2. super stoked for anthem and gonna preload it on feb 13th for feb 14th early launch


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  3. , Ikacake 3fe15b682d840d861c4394c4634a1ea4

    Appreciate all the support and  the  help @Arrgron we are  getting closer!

  4. , zheck db056c35c9709b83a203a6d07340673d

    Thanks for the help @Arrgron!
    Appreciate all the support and we will get if funded!

  5. if i can't get roller coaster tycoon 3 to not cod before the moning stream in 12 hours or less. i will just change game last minute.

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    1. Arrgron


      ctd not cod lol rip my brain

  6. i just pledged 5 usd to the mobile app on kickstarter for cgn. love the family here zheck has always been a good friend to jessp118 and i

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    2. Ikacake


      Appreciate all the support and  the  help @Arrgron we are  getting closer!

    3. Arrgron


      my pleasure anything to help a good friend.

    4. Ikacake




  7. prolly going to be streaming tuesday feb 12th 2019 at 6 am eastern usa. but i am going to play something i havent played in ages. i want to go back and play roller coaster tycoon 3. id rather play  rc2 but i don't have a copy at the moment. many games i want to to do coming up to offset the amount of time i will be playing Anthem when it releases. lol. gotta keep it fresh and exciting i find

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  8. boop snoot to all

    hope everyone is doing well

    hope everyones monday is meowtastic

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  9. wooot i gotta post here more often lmao how is the world of cgn today?

  10. meow everyone hru

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  11. meow how is everyone doing? hope all your vids and streams do well and have fun doing what u love <3

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  12. new profile pic and banner yay

     i love them very much <3


  13. sup people

    how is everyone

  14. https://discord.gg/CbJfN4X just updated my LucidGaming Discord Link