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  1. , CGN 1e7d15dced2ebd035c524f975f033de3

    Re-share and LIKE this Post to enter our Giveaway!

    For a Copy of Cuphead! Winner will be announced Monday!!



    cuphead screenshot 3.jpg

  2. @ApexAssassin Thanks for the follow! If you like moba's don't forget to check out my stream tonight! 7:30 eastern I am a support main for a Esports team called Blue Lightning. We practice today!

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  3. , CGN 69fc6510891e2a43e3ef28d48b83572b

    Giving away a Copy of Rocket League!

    Re-share and Like the Post in order to be entered! We will announce the winner this Saturday!!



    rocket league image.jpg

  4. Epic Pleb in da house lol.

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    1. SageTheeOnly


      Dassss Right!

  5. Finally reached 1K followers. Would like to thanks all that follow and support the stream. 

    Thanks Guys.

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  6. Thanks for the follow :) 

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    1. ApexAssassin


      No problem. Always happy to help a fellow supporter.