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  1. Are you satisfied with your sexual relationship? How do you achieve variety in your sexual relationships?
  2. Listen, I understand you very well, I suffered from this disease for a long time. Sleep is really very bad, and so is the quality of sleep. And I had a lot of problems to adjust my usual sleep routine. But I came across a good source OwlRatings, it has a lot of useful tips to improve your sleep. Many of them I still use. If it is really important for you to establish a sleep pattern, I advise you to do it thoroughly!) I wish you luck and persistence in it)
  3. I can't sleep every night, it's really wearing me out. Can you tell me what I can do in this situation?
  4. Every girl likes a different gift. You have to look at your interests. It's important to understand what a girl has wanted for a long time. My girlfriend always wanted me to give her flowers, but I didn't understand that. Later we broke up because of that. So the most universal gift is flowers. Now every month I buy her and send flowers ottawa.
  5. We here bought our child a small house in the yard, he really liked to play outside all day. We are very happy with this purchase, since the child now has the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors. It's a great option for outdoor playhouses . My child also loves board games as well as active outdoor play, ball games and kids mini golf. So a playhouse is really great. Now, thank goodness, there is a lot of choice online, unlike in our childhood, everything around has progressed so much that you can pick up a gift absolutely individually for each child at any age and with any interests.
  6. Do you think it is possible to win at online casinos? Or rather, is it possible to win in casinos all the time?
  7. Suppose your country banned ice cream. It was said on the local radio that from now on ice cream is considered a forbidden fruit, which should never be eaten. So you will never try mango ice cream or chocolate banana ice cream again. Oh yes, and smoothies are also forbidden, and milkshakes are also forbidden, because they all look a lot like ice cream. How about that?
  8. Children really like flyers. It's something special to them, so your decision to invite using flyers looks potentially successful.
  9. Is there a strategy for gaining popularity in social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and so on?
  10. How do I gain followers on Instagram?
  11. Good afternoon. Most often it has to do with the habit of our brain to take care of security. The thing is that when you are in a strange place subconsciously you realize that you are not at home and the brain is in a state of anxiety, analyzing what is happening around (the sounds, etc.). You can try to use earplugs or a sleep mask to reduce external factors. An infusion of herbs for sleep or motherwort can also help. Pay attention to the pillow on which you sleep, perhaps it is very different. Some people take their own pillow with them when they travel, so they can feel at home when they visit. Also, pay attention to your mattress. My last mattress kept me awake for a long time until I changed it. A good mattress costs normal money, so first read how mattresses differ from each other. I looked here https://sleepissimple.com/cabinet-bed-reviews.
  12. What's the fastest way to lose weight?
  13. In any case, if you feel unwell, you need to see a doctor. He definitely knows more than you do and can tell the difference between similar symptoms of different diseases. But usually, before I go to the doctor, I research the symptoms and causes on a medical website medical brand names . I do this so that I understand approximately what I am dealing with and can ask questions about the subject to the doctor.
  14. And what about girls who got into this sphere unwillingly and can't get out of it?
  15. It seems to me that now, in addition to covid, another disease is developing: an addiction to watching adult films. Do you think it should be dealt with?
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