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  1. lol fap fap


  2. When you want to start your stream #FeelsBadMan #Faeria


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    1. zheck


      Maintenance sucks, but as a Developer I do understand it has to happen :/ 

      You are free to talk to us here on CGN though :) 

    2. Any2Aces


      Instead of streaming? :D


    3. zheck


      If you want, you can also watch some of the other streamers you follow here on CGN! :D

      Just click (STREAMS) at the top

      Or if you fancy Videos click (VIDEOS)

  3. It's Friday! Ready for a happy Stream: http://twitch.tv/Any2Aces


  4. Playing a bit Shardbound with Viewers http://twitch.tv/Any2Aces #D2S #Shardbound


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  5. Thx for spamming your giveaway stuff on my wall. Oh I see you spam it on every wall you could find. 

    1. Tech_We_Love


      Alright @Any2Aces.   :(

      If you're going to be so offended over it, you don't have to enter the GiveAway, it's totally your choice.     :(

      If you're really, really, offended over it, you don't have to enter any GiveAway of mine in the future, it's totally your choice.           :(

      I just wish you would be more polite when telling someone you disagree with them.         :(

      I put my GiveAway ONLY on my Follower's Walls, on CGN, and that took a lot of time, several hours worth of effort.         :(

      If you don't want to be my Follower, it's totally your choice.       :(

      Noone is forcing you to do anything.         :(

       Best Wishes,
       Dema                   <3

  6. Thank you all who dropped into my birthday stream <3

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  7. Yeah I did it! Finally god rank in Faeria :D


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  8. KotK bug: Where the actually f0ck are my legs? #KotK #bug #h1z120170422203018_1.thumb.jpg.70eeea9b4b55f86cacfb5d3ca0288591.jpg

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    1. Nxtrogen


      Sinking sand :'D

    2. Any2Aces


      You can loot that as a waepon? :'D 

  9. Faeria: New season - new luck 


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  10. Faeria live Stream: Let's climb the ladder (15) [Deutsch/English]
    Faeria live Stream: Let's climb the ladder (15) [Deutsch/English]

    #CGN #F2P

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  11. Faeria live stream starting soon - climbing the ladder
    #F2P #Faeria58d9f43a51022_FaeriaLiveStream.jpg.f28c956160d1e0f01f91e88c791a4a1c.jpg

  12. Climbing the ladder in Faeria

    Faeria live stream - Climbing the ladder

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  13. Just one more day :D Mythic Chest incoming

    Faeria daily bonus
    Just one more day :D Mythic Chest incoming

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  14. Thank you for the follow.. :D

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  15. A friend made this after we talked about farts and I suddenly came across with a gladiator screaming Fartaaaa! lol


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