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  1. We're back after a very long break.

    A lot of stuff has happened in the past few months, mainly concerning our daughter. But we're back on track.

    Hope you all didn't miss us too much!

    1. kp0llux


      We missed you tons! Welcome back! <3

  2. Child free night.... yay!

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    2. AngryKatte


      @kosmoqueen Its a rare occurrence, but it does happen occasionally!

    3. kosmoqueen


      Hope you enjoyed your child free night, you lucky thing! :p

    4. AngryKatte


      She's back home now, Not gonna lie... I missed her :x :blush:

  3. Well ****, I swear all the fucking time. Now what will I do? (Yay for testing CGN's swear filter lol)
  4. The only recent one I have is me and my daughter Nova! I don't really take many selfies lol!
  5. I did it when I noticed other people..... because why not!
  6. Why does it have to be so hot today :doh:

    1. phsycotater360


      I wish it was here XD

  7. Welcome to CGN and the world of streaming!
  8. Love me some Razer too Welcome!
  9. Ah Jeli I am so glad you addressed something I agree so strongly with! I am a "girl gamer" too but I hate being classified as such. We're all just gamers! Welcome to CGN, I hope you enjoy it here
  10. I personally haven't but thats only because I don't really want to split my viewerbase. You can be a channel with mixed purpose, it just depends on how you do it. If you try and do everything then probably wont work. What are your Vlogs going to be about? Are they related to your gaming? If so id stick to the one channel.
  11. Have you tried Etsy & deviant art? (Not sure if they charge)
  12. Where do you advertise your products mate?
  13. Maybe look at sports teams for wherever most your business is?
  14. Need.More.Likes :rofl::punch:

  15. Both would work. Sorry Im full of girly suggestions.... but Im a girl so thats my excuse