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  1. The evil within 2: this survival horror game starts out very strong with an intense flashback of what happened in the evil within and to Lilly, a way to save his long lost daughter may have been found but to do that he must enter a virtual world filled with zombies and many dangers including a psycho monster that almost cut my nuts off.
  2. Home Sweet Home: in this finale or ending, we finally learn why Jane has been running from our help, but in order to find that out, something has to be done about the devil girl as we finally find a way to fight back. This whole series was amazing but it's time to face the end in this home sweet home part 6 ending.
  3. Home Sweet Home: I can't seem to catch a break, progress is made and out of no where comes that devil girl spirit to scare the crap out of me, something strange happened in the school that made someone decide to do something terrible, find out what that was in this home sweet home indie horror game part 5.
  4. Home Sweet Home: Just when you think you got away here comes the devil girl to ruin your day and try to scare or even murder you, but it gets tougher as now we have to deal with 2 scary enemies, if Jane would stop running around this would be a lot easier.
  5. Home Sweet Home: We must now face the Preta and find a way to calm that huge monster down and it seems that scary and sexy wants to come out and play but it's not going to be fun, it's going to be very scary dealing with that evil girl spirit
  6. Home Sweet Home: Part 2 of this scary game, we begin at an abandoned home only to have to go back to the scary world with even worse enemies to worry about. Along the way a huge scary monster comes to play but he is not friendly and wants blood, he is in the way of reaching Jane but finding a way around him, will not be easy.
  7. Home Sweet Home: is one of the scariest indie horror games that I've had the privilege of playing so far. This game is inspired by Thai myths. We take the role of Tim who wakes up in an unknown place haunted by a scary female spirit, some dark secret surrounds this place and may lead to the disappearance of his wife, but to find that secret Tim must first survive.
  8. Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 3 is back, this time we see Alice Angel and with Boris The Wolf's help, we do our best to find a way out but Alice and the Ink Demon will not make it easy in this batim 3 game. Another awesome but scary character is introduced - The Projectionist cool name but just as scary as the rest. It's been a long wait but finally this amazing indie horror game bendy has returned with chapter 3
  9. Observer: We explore deeper into the mind of Helena Nowak and more scary, creepy things emerge, we take on a very dangerous monster and some outlast 2 memories return as we enter what looks like a digital field with flying saucers. Get ready for another awesome episode full of action, weird, scary, jumpscares and a whole lot of fun
  10. Observer #5: After investigating the first murder victim, a new lead takes us to the tattoo shop where sadly Helena Nowak has also been murdered by the beast, it's time to get some answers by investigating Helena's deceased mind.
  11. Pretty cool FNAF fan made game - Last Night: This is a Survival-Horror Free Roam Game where you have to constantly move from room to room trying to fend off against the Robots chasing you down. The Robots are reckless and try to kill any intruder they come across since they have been abandoned for one year now. Story: You are a Teenager named Josh, who tries to find out what or who killed your father in this freak-show of a place. Your only hope is your father's co-worker's son who was told how the Robots worked and he is calling you at the beginning of each night telling you what to do and how the Robots work. You would stop at nothing to find out what happened to your father. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  12. Observer: As we explore the twisted criminal mind, we see the past, how he became a drug addict, married and eventually met the monster that tragically ended his life. This is going to be an amazing journey filled with scares, jumpscares and creepy things as well as the first look at the monster murdering people.
  13. Observer Part 3 - It took 3 episodes of this game but we finally get some scares and meet a robot that either wants to kill us or help us, the neighbors are still being weird and we meet up with the possible victim that the monster attacked.... what you see is not pretty.
  14. Observer: We now interrogate the neighbors in hopes to find answers to the crime in room 007 but some of them are not very friendly, others scared. We find a nice pair of legs but is it a man, woman? Janus....who is this guy?
  15. Observer: in this part 1 we begin the story of a cybernetic detective looking for answers of what happened to his son and what may have been haunting him, the journey to this survival horror game begins in this observer part 1.