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  2. Hey guys today I will be drawing Goku vs Caulifa....a special tribute to the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super! Enjoy! ^_^ Don't forget to go to youtube channel to like, comment, and subscribe for more
  3. Heres another video of me drawing vegito blue using his ultimate attack....Final Kamehameha! Enjoy! Be sure to like, comment and subscribe for more!( On my youtube channel)
  4. There will be a new drawing video coming up this friday! ^^/ Stay tune folks

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  5. Well i'm a self taught artist who is trying to build up his channel. I'm going need your help guys xD. Come and check out my latest drawing video! Drawing Goku Ultra Instinct Vs Jiren The Gray! Trying to reach 300 subs
  6. Alright Vegeta fans here is what you all been waiting for Vegeta Breaking His Limit! The Prince of All Saiyans is ready to show no mercy : ). If you like the drawing then feel free to like comment and subscribe. (Goal To 300 SUBS)
  7. Drawing Naruto Uzumaki Sage Mode from Naruto Shippuden. ^_^/ Feel free to check out my youtube channel to like, subscribe, and comment below.
  8. Thanks for the follow guys ^_^ I'll be uploading a new video in a few moment.

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  9. Hey guys drawing goku new form for the last time x.x. if you like the video then feel free to go on my youtube channel to like, subscribe, and comment. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys if you know who this character is then you're a real disney fan XD. If you like the video please leave a like, and comment below. Also check out my youtube channel to subscribe and stay tune for more drawings ^^/
  11. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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