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  1. Happy Birthday AlexFalkor!

  2. O_O HEY. So in advance i'd like to apologize to the two people who made comments. I didn't recieve a notification that people replied...( I think messed up and forgot to setup the option?????). I'm still interested in collaborating with people but just in case I'm going to ask that you send me a private message either on here or on my twitch page itself just so that I will be responsive. I do own a Playstation 4 now so anyone who also owns one and wants to play anything (Such as Destiny) feel free to. My PSN account is AlexFalkor-
  3. Happy Birthday AlexFalkor!

  4. Nice little update~ So as some might get to see on the Shoutbox, I now have access to Evolve and Dragonball Xenoverse on the Computer. If you guys wanna play along just let me know in a message =)
  5. League & Evolve I'd be more then willing to play with you Nick. I'll be able to get evolve sometime this March, (probably my birthday, the 7th). If you give your twitch link i'll be more then happy to follow you so we can get something going~.
  6. So I couldn't help but notice the Game Section for the forums was a bit ....baren to say the least! So i felt I should take the initative and create a topic. As the title suggest--I want this thread to help fellow streamers, who are willing to work with others, find each other. Maybe by doing this they can become big-time collaborators and do great things in their stream carreer. Feel free to post any games you have for the P.C here that is Co-op/Multiplayer and if you see another person who owns a game you own, perhaps something could happen from there! I will add the games I have later (due to the fact I'm not home right now and I don't recall all the games I have for the P.C at the top of my head)
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