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  1. I'm gonna start streaming #GTA5 with some friends

  2. Thanks for the follow!:D

    1. alcase


      No problem~ 

  3. alcase123

    Names Amy I got this heart problem and I stream with my friends~ c:
  4. NEW PC Specs;

    • ASRock H110M-HDS
    • Intel i3 6100
    • 8GB RAM
    • Radeon RX 470
    • 2TB Hard Drive

    I'm now streaming pretty much everyday now :D 

  5. Streaming some WoW on a NEW TWITCH ACCOUNT. 

    Made a new one because my old one got botted and no one really watches so I just wanted to start over.. It'll be hard to get to 2k again but I can do it and I hope to get some people to watch.

  6. I love just sitting together talking with my best friend about his first girlfriend and my first girlfriend and then my boyfriend I have now, and how we got our first kiss and stuff.  Talks like this are relaxing guys.

  7. End of stream, no one came. Lol.

    1. JasonicProtosh
    2. alcase


      Was streaming for about 4 hours. But not gonna give up.

  8. Doing PvP with my Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft

    Sadly playing by myself, please come and keep me company xD

  9. Streaming some PvP with a friend WITH the Demon Hunter class in World of Warcraft!!! 

  10. I'll be streaming some CSGO in about 5 minutes!!!

  11. Grats~! On Member of the week :)

    1. kp0llux


      Hey thank you! Remember to vote for who you think should be next :)

  12. Streaming CS:GO! Will be streaming for another couple of hours! :D

  13. What's a featured member.. o.O

    1. zheck


      It's from when you won Stream of the Week.

      Which isn't a thing anymore. We now have Member of the Week



      I guess I forgot to change it back :p

      My bad



    2. alcase


      Lol it's okay with me, I haven't been on in awhile, I even made a forum asking about it.. oops xD

  14. PLAYING Gang Beasts Online BETA!! I have 2 keys left ( depending if my boyfriend take one I MAY have 3) streaming it right now.