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  1. I haven't used this in FOREVER EVERYTHING CHANGED

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    1. zheck


      Yeah, I've made a ton of updates over the past few months!
      Hope you enjoy it all :) 

    2. alcase


      @zheck Yea it's hard to maintain multiple social medias for me >.>

    3. zheck


      I understand!

      Hopefully we can continue to excel and make CGN your perfect place to grow your audience! :D 

  2. Thanks for the follow! can you help me hit 100 subs on youtube


  3. He's back in the Treacherous world of Ark! check out @AngryPanzer at https://beam.pro/IamPanzer?utm_campaign=live

  4. hey guys looking to watch someone in the great World of Warcraft? check out @DeadlyVanna at https://beam.pro/DeadlyVanna

  5. , RogueCmdr b95a415487c4d54e12b13f9d19b2e4a7

    yep i am, want a new location?

    2017-03-15 19_26_48-weather - Google Search.jpg

  6. I'm never active on CGN RiP >.>

    1. zheck


      You should use it more often :D

      Were growing really fast and I've made a lot of updates

  7. I'm gonna start streaming #GTA5 with some friends

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  8. Thanks for the follow!:D

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    1. alcase


      No problem~ 

  9. Names Amy I got this heart problem and I stream with my friends~ c:
  10. Streaming Overwatch 3v3s!!

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  11. NEW PC Specs;

    • ASRock H110M-HDS
    • Intel i3 6100
    • 8GB RAM
    • Radeon RX 470
    • 2TB Hard Drive

    I'm now streaming pretty much everyday now :D 

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  12. Streaming some WoW on a NEW TWITCH ACCOUNT. http://twitch.tv/RunicDrag0n 

    Made a new one because my old one got botted and no one really watches so I just wanted to start over.. It'll be hard to get to 2k again but I can do it and I hope to get some people to watch.

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  13. I love just sitting together talking with my best friend about his first girlfriend and my first girlfriend and then my boyfriend I have now, and how we got our first kiss and stuff.  Talks like this are relaxing guys.

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  14. End of stream, no one came. Lol.

    1. JasonicProtosh


      Don't give up!

    2. alcase


      Was streaming for about 4 hours. But not gonna give up.