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  1. live over @WatchMixer with some fortnite open lobbies anyone can join plus if i get 20-25 watchers going to be doing a giveaway as well come say hi join in and enjoy yourself mixer.com/AkkoOnMixa

  2. going live at midnoght over on mixer grinding really hard got to get to 2000 followers 1900 to go come say hi and play a few games with us on blackout mixer.com/AkkoOnMixa

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  3. hey guys/gals going live at 8:30pm uk time also got battle pass for fortnite so will be doing open lobbies if your interested if you arre pop in say hi and jump in lets get as many people to join the game if you like what you see leave a follow to see more fun gaming on fortnite mixer.com/AkkoOnMixa

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  4. open lobbies on BO4 anyone can join if they want to 

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  5. live on mixer streaming some Black ops 4 blackout open lobbies come say hi and if you want to join your more than welcome to mixer.com/AkkoOnMixa

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  6. Streaming some Fortnite open lobbies if you wanna come along and say hi and play a few games come along and enjoy yourself mixer.com/AkkoOnMixa

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  7. live on mixer doing some bo4 as destiny 2 is down atm will be streaming some destiny 2 once its back up and running mixer.com/AkkoOnMixa pop in to say hi also will be doing giveaways for bullets on my stream for every 10 followers i get 

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  8. doing my own review over at @WatchMixer of mafia 3 #xboxXbox_Platform_2018.png #streamer #mafia3 come say hi mixer.com/AkkoOnMixa

  9. live over on mixer trying to get my Pistols diamond now as i have got my ARs diamond so proud of my self come say hi mixer.com/AkkoOnMixa

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  10. going live over @WatchMixer at 9pm (uktime) trying to get my Assault Rifles diamond #streamer #xbox #callofduty #bo4 #diamondcammo come say hi mixer.com/AkkoOnMixa

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  11. live over on mixer streamingbo4 going for diamond Assault Rifles only one more gun to go  come say hi mixer.com/akkoonmixa

  12. live over on mixer streaming first play through of dante's inferno mixer.com/AkkoOnMixa

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  13. given up on battlefield 1 going to stream some fortnite

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  14. i have changed games to fortnite PUBG is way to laggy to play