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  1. Agamewithchums

    Quick Look: Dragon Ball FighterZ!

  2. Today, the Chums are discussing Tom's freaky mystical powers, and then beating up like 100 guys.
  3. Join a duo of drunken idiots as they play some videogames and fling insults at one another.
  4. This time, we're going to make it to the docks in time, save Nozomi, and ride off into the sunset as the music plays. Yeah!
  5. Some footage of the new demo for Resident Evil 2 Remake, captured via Game DVR on Xbox One X. I didn't finish the demo because I was being stupid, and now I can't replay it 😧
  6. In which we (attempt to) snipe some fools. And blow up. A lot.
  7. Agamewithchums


    This Friday we have a squad of three. watch us get out-gunned, out-maned and out-played. #h1z1
  8. Happy New Year Chums. Lets kick off 2019 with a livestream of Catlateral Damage So cat lovers, live your fantasy of being a cat and join us 😉
  9. More Star Wars fun times it has been awhile but I (Paul) is back streaming some Knights of the Old Republic. Streamed over on our Mixer channel, now on our YouTube channel for your enjoyment.
  10. Today the Chums save some marines and discuss just how smart Cortana is.
  11. Happy boxing day. Happy holidays Hope you guys had a awesome Christmas. Join us for our Red Dead Redemption 2 livestream. Streamed over on our Mixer channel.
  12. Meeeerrrryyyy Christmas, Chums! Join us for a special Quick Look at World of Final Fantasy Maxima on Xbox One, and bear witness to Tama's fabulousness.
  13. Welcome back to our Halo Series Let's Play, where today we're jumping into the game that started it all. And exploding. Lots of exploding.