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  1. Hello Chums, Ellie and Joel going to the Wyoming Museum, yes it is a flashback.
  2. Hey Chums, in this episode we play as sexy Carlos. With this lovely locks flowing and a big machine gun in his hand.
  3. Hey Chums, today we take a look at the different routes to the top floor of the Shinra Building. The Stairs or the Elevator?
  4. Hey Chums, hope you are all well and stay unlike our heroine Jill who is having trouble with that stalker Nemesis,
  5. Hey Chums, today we take a walk around the Seedier part of Midgar, Wall Market.
  6. Hey chums, join us as Jill crawls through the Sewers and has another running match with that pesky Nemesis.
  7. Hello Chums, join us as we deliver flowers and save some street kids. #finalfantasy7 #StayAtHome
  8. Hey Chums, we go cat hunting, there are cats everywhere!!
  9. Hey Chums, hope everyone is safe and well...more then poor Jill Valentine who is having a terrible time with giant bugs and the naughty Nemesis!!
  10. Hello Chums, hope everyone is well Check out our latest video where Jill wanders around and finds a lock pick.
  11. Hey Chums, we take a quick tour of the Section 7 Slums, with our lovely tour guide Tifa Lockhart.
  12. Hey Chums Welcome back to the adventures of Lara..I mean Jill Valentine.
  13. Oh hey Self Isolating Chums! Check out our new Lets Play of the New Resident Evil 3 Remake. It is Paul, no Mr Rors due the current Situation.
  14. Hello Chums Paul takes a quick look at Ori and the Will of the Wisps out now on Xbox One and Windows 10.
  15. This week we're hopping back in our warthogs and taking the fight to the Covenant!
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