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  1. We're back in Skyrim, as Ror grabs a bow and heads into Bleak Falls Barrow.
  2. This week, we're crawling through more stealth grass, and solving elaborate puzzles in the courtyard of a castle.
  3. Now we've got a new ally in tow, it's time for Amicia and Hugo to continue onwards.
  4. Join us for a quick look at the remastered Halo Reach, as we tackle the first level of the newest addition to the Master Chief Collection!
  5. Welcome back to our ongoing let's play of A Plague Tale: Innocence, where this week, we're on the hunt for a monk, and heading into the rats' nest. Chances of a power-loader fight against their queen? Probably pretty low, right..?
  6. Thank you for the videos ❤️ 

  7. Welcome, chums, to our first ever VR video! With the black Friday deals in full swing, Ror decided to grab a Rift S and jump into a world of magic, dragons, draugrs and slight wooziness. With any luck, this'll be a semi-regular new series for us.
  8. We're two parts into our newest LP, and Paul is so done with Hugo.
  9. Our brand-new Let's Play begins today, with A Plague Tale: Innocence! Jump in now for plague rats, stealth grass, and bad French accents (we are so sorry).
  10. Today we're taking a quick look at the latest game from Respawn Entertainment and EA. Wait, what?? A single player-only game from EA?! Somebody check Hell to see if it's frozen over.
  11. Happy Halloween everyone For our final episode for this year's Month of Horror we play Home Sweet Home. Guest starring Paul younger sister. Check it out if you dare!! #horror
  12. We're back with another instalment in our third annual Month of Horror! This time, we're taking a look at bloober team's Rutger Hauer-fronted cyberpunk detective thingy, Observer, and wondering if we're going to get a bit scared at any point. Also, we're terrible at puzzles.
  13. BOO! More spooky happens in our Month of Horror Check it out if you dare. #halloween
  14. BOO! More spooky happens in our Month of Horror Check it out if you dare. #halloween
  15. Still in detention and things and got super creepy #halloween
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