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  1. It is another video of Call of Cthulhu, for our spooky Month of Horror. We investigate a spooky Mansion and chase a hooded person.
  2. Hey Chums, we continue our Month of Horror with Maid of Sker a British Survival Horror Game. #Horror #Halloween
  3. Hey Chums, I grabbed a copy of Star Wars Squadron and take a quick look of the space combat as both the Empire and those plucky Rebels.
  4. Hey spooky chums, it is that time of the year again, we play spooky games for your amusement We start off with some Dark Pictures Anthology.
  5. We're on the penultimate mission of Halo 4, as Chief and a rapidly declining Cortana race the Didact back to the cradle of humanity, Earth
  6. Hello Super Chum Friends, we have another super fun episode of Resident Evil 3, where sexy Carlos encounters those naughty HUNTERS!!
  7. After finally meeting up with the UNSC forces aboard the Infinity, it's time to go for a joyride on a big ol' Mammoth!
  8. Hello Chums, it is time to get our training on as we embark on our MMA path to the UFC. It goes badly...
  9. In which we tackle Halo 3's answer to The Library, and discuss where we think the future of Halo is heading.
  10. Hello Chums, Ellie and Joel going to the Wyoming Museum, yes it is a flashback.
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