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  1. Thank you for opening my channel. I'm a father, gamer and sometimes a jokester. I stream to have fun and to help bust out of my shell. I welcome anyone and everyone. My name is Jeremy. I go by Add, Addy, or Adder. I like long walks through the arcade. I absolutely love barbecued food and pizza. I have a little girl who absolutely loves to troll me while I stream either through 20 questions or sitting in my lap and poking at me to get a reaction. I have been around gaming almost all of my life and plan to keep going with gaming until the day that I die. I do my best to be funny and as entertaining as possible. Above all else I try to be as open and honest as possible. I wont ever call out Lurkers as I know what it's like to just want to watch without any pressure to chat. If you do feel like chatting just throw up a #GetSaucy and prepare yourself. Thanks again.
  2. Happy Birthday Adderus!

  3. Adderus


    Me and August take down an overworld enemy with tons of life. -- Watch live at [url="http://beam.pro/adderus"]http://beam.pro/adderus[/url]
  4. RT @Mavadosey: Don't forget to snag your spot for tonights PJDingdong at http://t.co/b6Y1NGzc1v #PAABBQ @TheAdderus

  5. I finished the Passively Aggressive Assassin USP-S http://t.co/DqnaXxDRMh Make sure to go check it out and give a thumbs up. XD

  6. I gained 56 followers in the last week. You? Know your stats and grow with http://t.co/lxRO0zkc5U

  7. Well after spending in total around $380 I have a decent running vehicle. Big thanks to @augustca1984 for making it happen. :D

  8. Heading back out soon to go get my truck sorted. Crossing my fingers and hoping this battery does the trick. Please share for luck Kappa XD

  9. Did up an AWP skin for #CSGO . Make sure to go check it out and give it a like. http://t.co/YRuVTXG65O #STEAM

  10. Make sure if you haven't subscribed, make sure to subscribe to find out when I go live: https://t.co/DZpPmnuHjc #youtubegaming @StreamerRT

  11. New Trove player. Let's journey together.: http://t.co/G312metWxi via @YouTube