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  • Streaming Intermediate

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      The Basics

      At some point in your Gaming Career. You will reach a level in which you will start engaging with Gaming Companies and Businesses. Whether it being Grip Companies, Graphic Designers, Hardware Manufacturers, or Game Publishers. This is when Networking becomes a strong part of your development. And we are here to provide you several tips and tricks when it comes to Networking.
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      Working with Others

      Networking and Collaborating with other Creators is critical nowadays. Whether it be on your Channel, Social Media, or Conventions! Meeting up with other like-minded creators at Meet-Ups or Conventions can be very powerful in terms of growth. The question lies in who you should collaborate with? Mainly, you want to look for creators who have similar interest and audience. You can Network with them through a variety of ways including their Broadcast, Social Media, Communities, and much more! And Collaborate with people you genuinely want to connect with. People can tell when fake!  
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      Scheduling / Consistency

      As you continue to grow your audience and your channel. There will come a time where you'll need to start approaching it as a Career. And with any Career, you are going to want to stay consistent. Because, working for yourself, you only get out what you put in. So Scheduling and Consistency become keys to success. A lot of people recommend just sitting down and creating a schedule and sticking to it. However, we prefer a different approach. Take a few weeks to figure out the times you stream. How long you like to stream, how much time you want to dedicate to networking and collaborating. Then, once you've have an idea of a realistic schedule that seems write for you. Make your Schedule, Write it down and Pin it to the wall. Or place it as a sticky note on your monitor. This way you have no reason to forget. That little encouragement in front of your face when you sit down at your Computer or Console. Can be enough to tip the scales in your favor and push you to stay consistent. (PS: Always give yourself breaks, and don't push yourself too much)
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      Business Development

      As your average viewership starts to grow and you obtain more of an audience. You may want to consider creating a Digital Portfolio or Website to showcase everything about you! For example: - Stream Samples - About Me - Top Videos These are great tools when it comes to meeting with Brands and other Creators! A place to showcase all your strengths as a creator. Also consider Pinned Tweets and Post showcasing all your Social Media!
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