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    On Platform Tips

    Nowadays Streaming Platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and even DLive.
    Offer a form of virtual currency that you can give to your favorite streamers in the form of donations!

    This is yet another way to effectively monetize your Channel.
    While the platform does take a cut of the Bits, Embers, or Lemons Donated.
    It's a nice way for users to effectively support not only the Creator, but the platform as well.

    Twitch.tv -- Bits
    Mixer.com -- Embers
    DLive -- Lino / Lemons

    Here at CGN.US we also offer a form of virtual currency known as Orbs.
    These Orbs are generated from users based on activity on the platform
    And can be donated away to their favorite creators to spend within our Orb Exchange.

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