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      Finding Yourself

      Live Streaming and Branding go hand in hand. So it's best to know what kind of Streamer you want to be. Whether you are a competitive eSports athlete, a casual gamer, or an edgy commentator. Your Branding is important in that it fits with the tone of your content. For example, if your an Edgy Professional eSports Athlete. You wouldn't want your branding to convey the idea of a meek casual gamer.  Remember that your Branding is made to amplify who you as a creator are.
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      Social Media

      Social Media is one of the most powerful tools in the world for connecting with your audience, networking with other creators, and to further build your community. So having one is an essential tool in creating a lasting and successful live stream. Don't already have one?! Well you can start right here! - Twitter - Facebook - CGN.US Now that you have Social Media Accounts. Encourage your viewers to follow! And remember that your Social Media shouldn't just be an outlet to let your audience know you are LIVE. Get Creative! Mixing in your own unique content, separate from your live stream, is a great way to build up an engaging community. And remember to post content highlighting your own types of interest as well. The more authentic your post come across, the better chance of developing an active audience of followers who can enjoy your broadcast.
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