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  1. Sorry I haven't been on here too often. Going through some really rough times IRL right now (Namely a divorce) So. :c ill try to squeeze time in here though <3

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    2. HalfdemonGirlTV


      I hope things get better for u *hugs*

    3. notcalledTom


      All the support here for you mate 

    4. KitBallard


      Aww, dislike button =( I hope things'll pull through for ya

  2. Started streaming smite recently lol still trying to figure out wtf I'm doing, but I get codes from Hi-rez for paladins/smite every patch and figure I should stream the game at least, so if you play Smite and don't mind helping me learn the game and getting free skin codes and chests hmu <3

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    1. Jakyna


      Got the game but no clue what I do in it so I would not be very helpful lol

    2. KitBallard


      I tried to play it (ps4) but wasn't much of a fan.. I'll stick to League personally.

  3. Hey guys! I am sosososo sorry that I vanished for so long! I uhm.. I had some really bad IRL issues, that I'm still barely recovering from. Marital issues, tax issues, almost became homeless, yeah it's a mess. I've really missed you guys, I figured I should poke around here more and hang out with ya'll and drop some love now and then <3 for anybody who is new to CGN and probably doesn't know me i'm a twitch partner who love love loves helping smaller streamers grow, giving them advice and such so if you ever want feedback/help don't be afraid to ring me up! Also do autohost for autohost if anybody is interested in that <3 

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    1. Brickslair


      well i was away for 4 months, but i could always do with some advice dont think you poped in the last time we spoke :)

    2. KitBallard


      I've been there before.. Minus the marriage issues... and taxes.. Ok I've almost been homeless several times lol. Anyways welcome back sug. Hope you can regain your footing. It always sucks getting put into unwelcomed situations.

  4. Battlefy is hosting my community tournament for Heroes of the Storm on December 16th! You can register and find friends to play with and duke it out in our community tournament and have pure fun! If you've never played before it's no problem! The game is free and everyone is welcome! Invite your friends and come have a blast! https://battlefy.com/abathur1613/abathur-community-tournament/58490f3fece6b039032bf226/info to register for the tournament! If you dont have anyone to play with you, you're welcome to join my stream and find people to join you!

  5. Hey everyone! The developers of Deceit are looking for streamers to play/show off their game! I can get the next 50-100+ people keys for the game! Inbox me here in interested!

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    1. kp0llux


      Color me curious :D

  6. Really need a new artist as the one I had before is.. I dunno. Inoperable? lol. So yeah. I can't really pay but I can give lots of exposure to you and your work, I'm a partnered streamer with nearly 12K followers. I really need some new emotes made (which are much smaller and easier than full on panels etc!) if interested PM me please!

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  7. Adimysk is an absolutely AMAZING streamer who is such a kind soul and really deserves more attention than he gets! Seriously, give this guy some love! www.twitch.tv/adimysk He's doing a 24 hour stream!

  8. Climbing some league then later dont starve together with viewers! <3 twitch.tv/abathur1613

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  9. live on front page with paragon come hang! <3 twitch.tv/abathur1613

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    1. zheck


      I'll come watch for a bit :) 

  10. Live with some Paragon! Probably going to make it my new main streaming game! come help me git gud! twitch.tv/abathur1613

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  11. Trying to git gud at paragon, come help! D: twitch.tv/abathur1613

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  12. Gonna be live on the front page of twitch in about 2 hrs from 11 AM to 1 PM EST! Gonna play some Cards and Castles then show off my god awful FPS skills in some Paladins later! twitch.tv/abathur1613 (Not live yet)

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  13. streaming HOTS. Getting close to sub goal! Super hyped! twitch.tv/abathur1613

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    1. EllieTV1


      Yay! good luck man. I know youll get there soon

  14. Streaming some Paladins getting to ranked. Play paladins, want some skins? got a few codes to give out! twitch.tv/abathur1613

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  15. Hah! Get Pipped, Kinessa! ;)

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    1. Pvpenny


      LOL!!! I'm such a terrible Kinessa. Give me Mal'Damba or Ying xD I'll leave the sniping to someone more skilled hahahaha 

      GGs :)