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  1. thank you kindly, i'll be sure to visit your stream aswell!!
  2. thanks for the i like you award, i like you too lol ;p

  3. Thanks to all the people that followed. i followed back. hope to see you guys pop in the stream when you have some free time, i'll do the same. and if we have a game or two thats the same we could play together at some point. would be fun. i currently binge play Paragon , FFXV, and about to start tomb raider ( abit late but yeah lol ) also have Destiny =3
  4. thanks for stopping by guys <3

  5. hey this is an awesome idea, my twitch is i play a mixture of games though, not tied down to just one genre
  6. live now on twitch come hang. paragon stream

  7. Hows everyone dooooing?


    1. zheck


      Doing good, how are you? :) 

  8. live now, come join if you can guys!
  9. _Novol_


    hey guys back from the dead, been really busy lately, hows everyone doing? and what did i miss? update me with your lives peoples!! O_O
  10. thanks for the follow!! i appreciate it!

  11. thanks for the follow man i appreciate it!!

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