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  1. Thanks for the follow! :)

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  2. https://www.cinemablend.com/games/2460247/there-may-be-a-problem-with-changing-your-playstation-id

  3. Halo grind/ partner grind  #SupportSmallStreamers #TeamEmmmmsie 

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  4. Hey Adam, I wanted to know if you play Halo Online Eldewrito? I downloaded it and it awesome plus free. lol I am new to Twitch and have been trying to increase my followers so I wanted to expand out and play with different people. 

    I usually play fortnite and platforming games but I also love Halo PC and when I saw Halo Eldewrito I knew I had to get back into Halo.


    Thanks for your time,



    1. 1o1Adam


      Yeah I SHOULD STILL have the Halo Online on my pc, I dont mind playing with new ppl as well, FYI YOU CANT stream halo online, on twitch youll get banned IF YOU DO decide to stream it.
      I also play fortnite as well on pc, & xbox one & ps4

    2. masterjx9


      Oh what? No way? I didn't now that at all! I think I streamed it once but I don't think anyone noticed. I guess I should only stream normal games. lol 

      Tha nks for the info and I will message you on discord if you want to play a couple games of fortnite, whenever we are both free. 

  5. Halo Grind !discord #TeamEmmmmsie #SupportSmallStreamers #TUGFam #FAMafia #JAMafia

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  6. Halo Grind !discord https://www.twitch.tv/1o1adam #TeamEmmmmsie #SupportSmallStreamers #TUGFam #FAMafia @Halo @Xbox  #MG #JAMafia

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