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  • VikingSpawn

    Hi. My name is Stefan. I’ve been playing on Twitch for a while and finally decided to launch out on my own and start my first channel. Want to know why?
    I am 48yrs young and I feel the youngest I’ve ever been in the last year - because something amazing happened to me. I am from Sweden but was living in Estonia for a while working with a friend. One night, I met someone on Tinder (yep, Tinder) and a year later, I am now living in California with my wife who is American. Neither of us can believe how much our lives can change in a year.
    To that point, I am looking to build a following here, and maybe some kind donations from this awesome gaming community while I wait to be allowed to live and work here legally. That’s the part that sucks. I can’t get a job in the workforce until the US government allows me to. That’s where you come in. Help me build a little nest egg for my new life - and in return, I will be using at least 50% of the proceeds to donate to charity.
    Oh, and finally - I am a Viking Spawn - I am from Viking blood which makes me super competitive when I am gaming. Subscribe to my channel and you will get gaming tips, maybe some Swedish language skills and possibly a Swedish recipe or two.
    I like different games but I am currently killing it in Black Ops 4.
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