• archercc


    I'm a streamer that plays about anything. I'll even play what viewers suggests to me. Currently I'm only able to stream off my ps4 and Xbox one but I'm hoping to change that soon. Til then I hope you can enjoy the content I intend to release for you!


    My website: https://arcanicvoid.org/
    Offline picture (spirit fox / ninetails) is a symbol of my guild, "Singapore" from Atlantica Online.
    I've since then fixed the stream buffer/lag. Found out the problem was a too high bitrate. Enjoy less buffer.
    My YouTube:

    Atlantica Online
    Vote for Your Favorite Main Class in Atlantica Online: http://poll.fm/5m9z7
    New Announcement & FAQ's from VALOFE: http://www.valofe.com/teaser?lang=en
    Contact Me about Atlantica Online's change from Nexon Co. to VALOFE Ltd.
    I will be more than happy to explain how this is a good thing, and how the Atlantica Online playerbase could improve.
    And my input for the current situation we're in: https://arcanicvoid.org/foundation/blog/


    This stream is a charity stream in which we raise awareness & fundraiser to various charities with all funds going directly to the charity we are raising them for not to us! We do not receive any money for any of our streams! 


    I stream everything and i stream 15 hours a day. Drop by say hi. 

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